Ducoboo is a very inventive dunce and joker, he is very resourceful at finding new ways to copy from his neighbor, to cheat or to defy the teacher's authority.

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Miguel R (fr) wrote: A Funny and Enjoyable Short LEGO Star Wars Film!

Daniela C (au) wrote: hermosa!.... de alguna forma me record mi niez.

Dave N (jp) wrote: This is one of my personal top ten. One of the most beautiful movies I've ever seen or heard.

Claire H (kr) wrote: Oh I loved this film. Moving music score and a story line that tugs at the heart strings.....fast paced and action packed it isn't but I defy you not to enjoy it!

Joseph S (ag) wrote: I had the good fortune of a teacher lending me this in high school. It may be the best documentary ever. Two British film makers traveled to 25 countries recording pieces of music and then fusing them together via Lap-top, and the results are a stunning fusion of world musics and editing. If that weren't enough there's interviews with artists, scientists, religious scholars, mystics, authors (Kurt Vonnegut and Tom Robbins, actors, activists, prostitutes,and people on the street divided into twelve chapters "Time, Confrontation, Sex, Masks, God, Faith, Blasphemy, Unity, Death, Money, Inspiration, and Happiness." Each is broken up into a song, so it's easy to watch in pieces or all the way through. Inspiring music, concepts, and message; the world as instrument and all it's peoples as strings. Should be seen by anyone with an interest in anything.

aaron w (gb) wrote: the best die hard besides the original

Glenn L (fr) wrote: Arguably, Jean-Claude Van Damme giving his most enjoyable performance, playing twin brothers. Seriously, he really is a lot of fun here, especially as the street hardened Alex. Where else can you see Van Damme headbutt Van Damme? The movie overall is pure early 1990s video rental, martial arts action.

Greg W (au) wrote: Among the best concert films ever.

Nathan M (us) wrote: I Frankenstein was a very good hit movie