Duct Tape Forever

Duct Tape Forever

When an evil land baron's limo falls into a sinkhole outside Possum Lodge, lodge leader Red Green is ordered to pay the baron $10,000 or lose his beloved lodge forever. Red considers various money-making schemes concocted by his buddies, but it's his nerdy nephew Harold who hits on an idea that just might save their wood-smoked bacon: a duct-tape sculpture contest in Minneapolis that offers a $10,000 third-place prize.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:90 minutes
  • Release:2002
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:lodge,   ransom,   canada,  

The residents of Possum Lodge head on a road trip to the States, hoping to win a contest and thus pay a fine. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Gabriel C (kr) wrote: Smartly written and wickedly funny.

Bryan E (br) wrote: Flawed for sure and trying way too hard to be Tarantino. But what makes it worth the watch is Mark Hamill's performance as Crow.

Andy G (ca) wrote: Trailer park of terror is a pretty good horror movie about this woman that killed our neighbors in the trailer park and when the bus of kids show up later on they terrorize and kill him pretty gory scenes in this movie. B (2008)

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Mike L (gb) wrote: This was really good

Ash M (it) wrote: Good sports movie. Typical sport movies don't go under the scene as much as this one. Al Pacino's speech at the end is also classic.

Alex K (gb) wrote: Just as good as the first great cast and a lot of Action plus Jet Li is a fantastic villain and Chris Rock makes me laugh in every film he does.

David B (nl) wrote: Writer/director Stuart Gillard tries to inject some life into the project by including some tongue-in-cheek scenes in 17th-century Japan, but it quickly degenerates into half-hearted cartoonish action. Of course it's less amateurish than the 1990 original, less embarrassing than the 1991 sequel (with its mind-boggling Vanilla Ice ninja-rap number), this may be the easiest installment in the series for parents to sit through. For what the film is, time travelling was just an excuse as ideas must've been running out. A few good moments but it's the oddest and the worst out of three.

Nicola M (fr) wrote: An adorable little flick starring Greer Garson as a mother, who because of her career was unable to be there for her daughter. Greer's character receives an invitation to her daughter's(played by Elizabeth Taylor) wedding. Ecstatic to finally see her daughter after such a long time, Julia goes. Greer plays a completely different character from her usual parts. She plays a woman, who is quite outgoing and seems to love to take a risk, once and while. She was quite funny in the film, as well, as Walter, who I didn't think would be at all. Elizabeth and Peter Lawford play off each other so well and their chemistry is undeniably adorable. Walter and Greer are just plain fun to watch. This was their 5th movie together. It isn't a film for everyone but still quite fun to watch.

Veniea T (ag) wrote: All CLASSICS are GOOD

George W (ru) wrote: Still the benchmark for sci-fi film. Some scenes are a little dated to our modern eyes, call it period charm and a timeless classic.Mostly it shows that good film making is the sum of its parts, not the software driven demographic marketing hack that passes itself as film today.

Mike M (mx) wrote: Travolta's accent is terrible and always distracting. Still this one has some worthwhile writing in parts and some decent action sequences. Production values could be worse.

Nguyen Thuy H (gb) wrote: The Comedy must be one of the most original deadpan satire coming out in the last few years, and one would have imagined Rick Alverson aiming for higher stake in his next film. Sadly, no...Just like Hong Sang Soo, who made the same film over and over again, the same thing has happened here for Alverson. The channeling of Antonioni and Lynch feels refreshing, but one would have wanted the filmmaker to step out of his comfort zone or at least give a proper face to his character's grief. However, if Dogtooth and Alps appeal to you, then it's likely that you would forgive some of the vagueness here and go with the flow.

Jordan K (kr) wrote: John Hughes is a great director but he really has his hits and misses and quite honestly he has more misses than hits. His directorial debut Sixteen Candles, is often looked at as an underrated classic but stuck with me as boring, cliched, and uninteresting. It's nothing but bland.A teenager named Samantha celebrates her sixteenth birthday as she feels completely ignored by everyone - her own family, the man of her dreams, Jake, and being hounded by a perverted dork known as Farmer Ted. Samantha tries to let Jake know she likes him but the odds of it happening are slim.Sixteen Candles is widely regarded as one of John Hughes' best films, besides Breakfast Club and Ferris Bueller, but I found it to be one of his most disappointing. It's hard to really enjoy Sixteen Candles unless you're of a certain crowd - it's particularly girly in nature compared to that of The Breakfast Club that targets all audiences and mastered it. Sixteen Candles is cliched and bland, and the plot is basically just a day in a girl's life. There's nothing special about Sixteen Candles but it tries to add zany extra scenarios to make up for all of it - Farmer Ted's antics, Samantha's visiting set of grandparents, and a partying Chinese exchange student - it tries but resonated to me as too much. Sixteen Candles just doesn't establish itself enough as a movie and more as a diary entry. To sum it up, it tries at many things but fails because it just doesn't have it in its plot to be an iconic quotable comedy. You really have to like the main character of Samantha to like a wide majority of the film and she is frankly bland as any character in the film. Maybe it's that I knew nothing about the plot of Sixteen Candles walking into it but it was disappointing compared to my liking of several other John Hughes classics. I guess some like it and others don't - if you're a diehard Hughes fan, watch his first tale of mediocracy and see how it develops into cinematic decade definers eventually.