Duel with Death

Duel with Death

For centuries, the Norwegian Björndal family has been gaining wealth and prestige, painstakingly conquering farm land on nature to make their estate Björndal the envy of all the region, ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jake R (fr) wrote: the movie is good but doesnt have the same charm and wit as Brick, the films funniest moments come from bruce willis who I think is having fun with his role in this (which he obviously didnt in cop out, but was supperior in moonrise kingdom), the movie was fine but is lacking in charm, the movie was just fine

Noname (ru) wrote: Sniper 1 was really a great movie and one of the best Tom Berenger have made along with Platoon. This time he have some job in a city. Not in the same level as the first movie but okey sequel and there is a 3rd sniper movie aswell.

Adrian B (au) wrote: I've watched this about 6 times. Awesome movie.

Andrew B (br) wrote: There are films in the "classic" all time movie category that everyone knows about, like Jaws and the Godfather. Then underneath those popular movies lie another set of more unknown classic movies that rarely get any attention, especially from the younger generation who is either too lazy to go back and watch them or just doesn't seem to care. This is one of those hidden classic movies underneath the popular ones. Escape From Alcatraz is fantastic. The entire movie is a tense story leading up to end, which you know is coming, but still mounts with suspense and thrills. A very understated and calm performance by a younger Clint Eastwood is wonderful in this movie.

Benjamin G (nl) wrote: Excellent and highly realistic depiction of the 1940s' boss of bosses. Although it lacks the grittiness of "hands over the city", it is still a good account of the entrepreneurial mafia, miles away from the gun fights of the Godfather

Kestutis K (fr) wrote: Notable as the very first "Monster Mash-up" movie and for being Bela Lugosi's only performance as the Monster. As a movie, the plot is just as bizarre as House of Frankenstein and House of Dracula that followed, which is both good and bad. The movie is at its best in the beginning, with a phenomenal scene where Lon Chaney's Wolf Man is revived from the dead, but after that it gets a little lost. By no means is it awful, but its definitely cheesy.

Colby H (us) wrote: Skyfall was the success that people were waiting for, and thank God that it came and was good! One of 007s missions goes wrong putting MI6 in danger. 007 must help M (Judi Dench) and deal with Silva, (Javier Bardem) a man from M's past. Skyfall was an amazingly directed film. It was a relief to get this after we witnessed Quantum of Solace. We also witnessed the good that this film did to the genre. As this movie along with Casino Royale will most likely become classics in the future. The antagonist, Silva, was a very intimidating villan. One of the more realistic of the series, he had a proper entry to the story. He is brought together with compelling diolauge.Over all, Skyfall is the second best Daniel Craig Bond film. a true example of the franchise. 5/5 stars