Duelo al atardecer

Duelo al atardecer

Mexico, 1973

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:83 minutes
  • Release:1973
  • Language:Spanish
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:revenge,  

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Duelo al atardecer torrent reviews

Faisal M (de) wrote: Enjoyed the movie... the acting was quite natural by all.. a good effort by Hammad khan

Adam D (ag) wrote: Love this one. Watch it.

Emma R (de) wrote: Probably the most visually stunning movie I've seen.

Gel L (jp) wrote: An awesome piece of artwork!! beautiful!! 5 stunning experience

Jennifer H (kr) wrote: Call me cheesy but I still enjoy this movie. The idea of the story is interesting. And the clothes are (as always) very stylish. The surfer boys are fun to watch and the criminals are ridiculously stupid. It;s Mary-Kate and Ashley's best.

Ilja S (us) wrote: How right were Sulu, Spock and Uhura not to come back for this one. Star Trek Generations had so much going for it, and simply did not deliver. It so slow going, the runtime is 30min. too long, and it is just disappointing. On a second view, it may not be as bad as some of it's predecessors, but with so much promise behind this movie, it sure was one of the biggest letdowns, dispite having a good story and great visuals.

Kenneth L (ca) wrote: Authentically convincing with plenty of room for doubters to enjoy the show & story as well.

Hans O (it) wrote: Strong adaptation of a Chester Himes novel. Gravedigger Jones and Coffin Ed Johnson are the hard-boiled private eyes, so what's not to like?

Adrian B (br) wrote: Two young children (Pacifico Astrologo and Franco Interlenghi) work as shoe shiners in order to buy a high calibre race horse. Unfortunately, they end up arrested after being accused for scamming a fortune teller, of which they end up being sellers for their counterparts, for which they do not know of their misconduct. They are sent to juvenile detention and their friendship becomes significantly strained when the patrolmen of the facility gets one of them to be a spy and successfully get the other to admit to the crime for which neither initially committed. One of Vittorio de Sica's earliest films, this one still retains its effect around 65 years later. Sad, realistic, and unfair, and also, the film is very underrated. Another very good movie by the director, with powerful performances by both Astrologo and Interlenghi.

Ioana (it) wrote: the magic of good-old Dustin Hoffman. Love it!

intuciic (it) wrote: very nice movie and story line