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Tom B (us) wrote: The British TAKEN?! For a select few just maybeFirstly I am a Fairbrass fan, I like macho cockney geezers, I like Brit films and I like action underdog films. This is clearly all four of these. This makes it a cult film for a select few only. It will suffer from Hollywood comparisons (Taken, Face, Lock Stock, Rise of, Essex Boys even Love, Honour and Obey all miles better) and that is a shame as it is a small film (2 mill budget) that needs to be judged as it stands alone. I guess it is ambitious from a small team, but I accept it is an easy current story laced with masculine themes and action. If you are up for a brainless revenge chase action romp then this has all the content needed, with dodgy simple acting and accents throughout.Freight will get slated but I enjoyed it. It is relatively well paced, shot in good definition and a solid enough Brit Movie. Fairbrass and Murray team up once again (Dead Cert) and this is their best film by far. Many critics will question these TV actors (soap EastEnders) intent on being movie stars (however small a film) but for fans of the Danny Dyer genre of modern Brit gangster films this is a good watch.Romanian sex-trafficking gang steal a toilet trailer with son in law inside, from a Boxing Club gangster. They go to get it back, using over the top force, killing a few of the gang. Evil leader Christie gets revenge by bombing the boxing club, and stealing Taylor's daughter. The revenge games then begin, with a dose of cage fighting, prostitution out of a strip club and the usual guns and explosive killings to find his daughter. Better than Bonded by Blood, but not as good as Rise of The Footsoldier.

Mark J (de) wrote: Let me start by saying that this is the least cinematic film about movie-making. Ever. (It's pretty much talking heads & archival photos w/a very few movie clips about screenwriting.)OTOH, it's an absorbing & intriguing 105 minutes about the joys & woes of being a screenwriter... I found myself wishing I could have seen the rest of the interviews with these writers.Recommended for film buffs!

Nash B (nl) wrote: I felt like I was living this film. It's very realistic in how terrible it makes you feel. I have never seen something so bad that it hurt me until now. Please don't subject yourself to this.

Joshua L (nl) wrote: Not bad at all just cheap.

Augustine H (br) wrote: A female version of Dead Poets Society and of course not that inspiring.

Ankur S (us) wrote: Very intense and disturbing, but true at the same time ...

Joseph S (ag) wrote: An engrossing, and enderaring film, with a wonderful performance from Sandro Oh, a great soundtrack and sharp writing, about the suffocating pressure and struggle of traditional culture and expecations and personal desire (classic themes in Chinese and every literature), but here told in an unexpectadly involving manner. I knew I liked this film when the Sonic Youth started playing, and instead of just bieng an example of young hip music, made an emotionally intense scene majestic.

Yuri B (gb) wrote: Michael Beach & Anna Silk are the only reasons I even watched this... honestly, it was kind of bland.

Matthew W (mx) wrote: Not as funny. It was okay more a message movie then anything.

Tatsuhito K (ca) wrote: The resolution is not as interesting as the rest of the film, but I must say everything leading up to that point is pretty damn entertaining despite some trite dialogue. It has such an attractive cast (Sarah Michelle Geller and Selma Blair made me want to jizz all over my pants), and the game these characters play is thrilling and god damn sexy. Cruel Intentions is pretty good fun.

Jonathan C (us) wrote: Good clean fun with a simple unpretentious story. Special effects are well done, not over done. Overall it is a truly excellent film and I can't fault it one bit. Thoroughly enjoyable and I'm sure very well suited as a family film.