Dui Prithibi

Dui Prithibi

A love story.

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Mark K (jp) wrote: Reluctantly and not without hesitation, I am to admit, I have finally watched this movie and found myself surprised. This movie is far from perfect but it has won me over with its imperfection, on one hand, but on the other with its poignant melancholy and deep humanity. It's not so much about a romantic musical as it is about the bittersweet taste of our lives, their impermanence and ultimately tragedy of not being able to have it all, having to compromise and make peace with what has been and won't ever be the same. Directing and acting (especially that of Stone's) are great. "A treat," as another reviewer has mentioned. "An imperfect but strangely unique" treat I would add.

Tabish Q (mx) wrote: The movie wonderfully tells the story of five times boxing world champion, MC Mary Kom. Priyanka Chopra gave a sterling performance, despite criticism over whether she is the right choice for this role. The movie touches your heart and you feel one with the struggle of a village girl who dreams to be a boxer despite stiff opposition from her father.

Sanna R (ag) wrote: The incomprehensible horrors left behind by war make for depressing viewing but the film has a warm heart and the achievement of this film actually being made at the time of 2006 bombing gives it such a realistic edge it's definitely a must see.

Lulu C (us) wrote: Love this movie it's a must see......

Siobhan C (it) wrote: Amazing film. To think there was an entire city living under me in New York. This film truly makes me film like "what do I have to complain about."

Eshreen D (ru) wrote: Tuesdays with Morrie is not just a movie, but a rather accurate depiction in most of our lives. We often chase the benefits and awards instead of pleasure of doing it. Though it was not laden with shaky cameras and intense gunfights, it was still a rather interesting movie due to its relationship and similarities with our lives.

Alex r (mx) wrote: Wild America was a good little film with a decent cast, story and directing. This film isn't as bad as so many others have said it would be. The film has an interesting and fun story, and the cast is pretty good considering that overall they're not very good actors in general terms to begin with. Wild America is fun entertainment for the entire family to enjoy. There's a nice blend of comedy and drama that gives it a unique viewing experience, and like I said, the cast for what they do, do it well, despite the fact that most aren't good. I enjoyed the film and how it was different from other drama comedy films, and it was a flawed, but enjoyable film nonetheless. Wild America is adventure film that delivers some memorable comedic bits. Like every other comedy films, this film manages to be amusing and there are lots of good elements that people don't give credit to. This is a much better film than most people would care to admit, and I'm not a fan of the actors in question, but I give them credit for delivering something fun on-screen. If you're looking for an entertaining family film that has good laughs, adventure and a good story, this film is a good choice. Though flawed, Wild America is far from being a bad film, and I think it's fairly underrated, and deserves a bit more credit than all the flack it has received. This film is actually the best performances of Jonathan Taylor-Thomas and Devon Sawa who are overall bad actors. A must see for Adventure film fans looking for a good dose of comedy to boot.

Eddie S (ca) wrote: So so. Could have been made much better..

Dale E (ag) wrote: This film is so crazy, loved it!

Tatsuhito K (es) wrote: Sometimes I have really hard time understanding British humor and "Sightseers" has exactly the kind of dark British humor that I find unfunny. It's probably a cultural thing. I wouldn't say it is laugh-out-loud funny, although there are certainly some funny moments in it. It is an interesting blend of comedy and horror, and the fact that they managed to make it balanced as it is is something to admire about. The performances are solid and the editing is great as well. My main problem with the film is that I didn't like the two lead characters at all; I thought they were selfish, unlikable, and utterly despicable that it made me hard to relate to their love story. Having seen Wheatley's "High-Rise" beforehand, I expected that this film would be also unpleasant and disturbing at times, and it really was often uncomfortable to watch. There are good things in it, but I can't imagine myself watching it again. It's just not my cup of tea.

Pendo W (jp) wrote: i loved this movie so much i could cry and laugh at the same time.ok Colin Firth was sooo out of the ordinary, dark and seductive and how his dirty thoughts, sucked the life out of him LOL....so great movie.