Duios Anastasia trecea

Duios Anastasia trecea


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:95 minutes
  • Release:1979
  • Language:Romanian
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:Duios Anastasia trecea 1979 full movies, Duios Anastasia trecea torrents movie

A border town on the Danube, 1944. The town is occupied by the Germans, and there are plenty of collaborators. A number of the young men join the partisans, kill a Serbian, and throw his body into the village, forbidding anyone to bury it. Anastasia refuses to obey the order… . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jesus H (br) wrote: wow. what did i just watch. Disgrace is the perfect name. Good film for analysis

Stevie A (br) wrote: Beavis and Butthead is a funny and stylishly offensive movie that proves it can be a good comedy. Rating 3.5 out of 5 stars

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James H (mx) wrote: 3.5/10. Relentlessly boring murder mystery, slow as can be, not very well acted and I could not get involved in the film at all. The characters never really develop to a point where you can care about them. Skip this one.

James R (mx) wrote: A tense thriller about people alone together on a boat in a ocean.

Alejandro E (ca) wrote: Smart dramedy of "how to rise from secretary to executive without die in trying".Charming Griffiith,Ford and Weaver

Luke G (jp) wrote: Billie Holiday, a controversial yet iconic figure in music. The drug addicted star is played magnificently by the legendary Diana Ross. That is all you have to say to have me hooked on the film. It follows Billie's rise to stardom and the crowning achievement of her being the first African American woman to sing Carnegie Hall before her addiction to drugs worsened and her tragic death. Truly a terrible loss, but a true talent in every sense of the world.

Dustin D (fr) wrote: This latter-day silent film, Umarete wa mita keredo, is interesting for its prewar Tokyo setting, but it is also interesting to see how little has changed in Japan. This is also attributable to the timeless and universal themes of schoolyard bullies, adult-world politics an hierarchies in human society. Well-crafted and powerful film.

Lea B (ru) wrote: While most critics complained that this movie was campy and cliched, Burlesque is actually a very good movie with great songs, colorful effects and great performances from the actors and Cher and Christina, both in terms of acting and the dance sequences. Even though it does have a cliche of misunderstanding and the sort underdog vs bully, the way they are executed is actually pretty well. Because, unlike most movies that have cliche's like that which have the characters do nothing mope in a misunderstanding cliche (a lot of romance films were pretty guilty on this, especially the american ones) and in underdog vs bully cliche, they'd have a character trying to prove itself, then prevent and brought back on the bottom by a bully and then trying to convince other characters in stuff. Here, the characters are actually doing something after having a misunderstanding and Ali, the main character, handles the film's bully character Nikki pretty well. She doesn't react like a scared little underdog who's dreaming of more and trying to make her dream come true. She just handles stuff the way she thinks is best and is always helping the others out.Now that is what this movie should be given credit for, handeling the cliche's in away that wasn't seen so often.And this is also one of the better recent musicals, because it feels like an actual musical vs what most nowadays musicals have as songs, which is musicalized dialogues (Frozen and Into the Woods are guilty on this one).Also, some of the dance scenes reminded me of 2002 musical, Chicago.So yes, great music, great singing, dance and acting performance and greatly executed cliches. And the song "You Haven't Seen the Last of Me" certainly deserved the Golden Globe award it got.I say it's worth it, and give it a watch for yourself.

Roger G (gb) wrote: Flashback story told like Dustin Hoffman did in "Little Big Man," where, in this case, an old women begins telling a story about her experience during WWII, which comes alive, when an escort comes to pick her up for an award ceremony. James Caan performs much like Richard Gere in Chicago, in a surprising manner singing and dancing which is unusual for a Caan film. Bette Midler performs as she always does which seems to fit the era where the "greatest generation" amid a war, can be happy in what they do with confidence in themselves, their technology and the outcome of the war. Particularly wanted to see this film for Bette's performance of "Stuff Like That There," put on the map by Kelly Clarkson's performance on "American Idol," season one. The story goes into the dozen years after the war and the relationship between Eddie Sparks (Caan) and Dixie Leonard (Midler) and their live TV series (see "I Love Lucy," but not as funny). To keep their "USO" type tours going, they decide to go to the new war, Korea. The Korea experience is not quite what was expected and certainly nothing like their WWII experience. The harsh reality of war hits them hard with their first-hand experience of death and suffering which changes them and their relationship. Throw in a little black-listed entertainers and writers problem as a twist which impacts their career to add drama, however really not needed. We're getting older and we enter the third war, Viet Nam, and their "here we come again" tour begins and I still do not to hear the song I wanted to hear in its entirety. Viet Nam is harsh and Dixie sees the death of her son, a captain in the Army. This tour separates Eddie and Dixie beyond repair. Does she go to the ceremony knowing Eddie will be there? The film is a little corny but fits the overall theme. It's worth watching.

Ralph C (ag) wrote: One of my two favorite movies ever. There are so many lines to quote you end up lip-synching the whole movie. Val Kilmer was robbed of an Oscar for his part. His role and character, Doc Holiday was one of most original in all of moviedom. He dominates every scene. I think what I like was the portrayal of the West and the characters. You get to like each of the characters, even the bad guys like Johnny Ringo, Curly Bill and especially the loathsome, Ike. The best movies have good guys you like and bad guys that are memorable. I thought the casting and acting was 100% and there are over a dozen characters that play important roles. It is a large cast for a movie. It is an old movie but one of the few I can watch over and over and often find some little nuance I missed before to enjoy.