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Dujone torrent reviews

Jaime L (kr) wrote: Music really wasn't my thing and that was what the movie had going for it. Certainly top notch sound even if not to my liking, unfortunately the story overall was simplistic so I couldn't fall back on that. The "love" angle in the film was rather misleading for instance, really "Once" might as well be a collection of music videos.

Tracy W (de) wrote: Could have been a great movie

Eva M (ru) wrote: The two lead actresses are wonderful, of course, but mostly what I liked here was the period setting and the location. At least it feels like they captured the atmosphere of the time and the place quite well. For example the fact that everyone puts on their Sunday best to go and listen to the wireless in the only house that has one... Touching.

Jonathan G (ag) wrote: Amusing office comedy about the suffering the main character has to go through at a Japanese company due to some of her two-faced and mean spirited superiors.

Souplick T (kr) wrote: strange yet not bad "rush hour" type buddy movie referenced in a number of tarentino movies

Ana A (es) wrote: Interesting use of sounds of the jungle for a soundtrack.

Evan H (ru) wrote: While I did enjoy this movie, I didn't take much away from it. The performances were good enough, but it seems to leave everything unchanged.

Jack P (nl) wrote: My fav movie of all time! Love it ?????????????

John C (br) wrote: As far as Elvis 60's movies go this is one of the more enjoyable ones.

David S (au) wrote: Classic Godard, in that he does all he can to negate any possibility of emotional investment and instead reference other films and take the viewer out of the movie-going experience. His goal, as ever, seems to be to analyze our reaction to the conventions we're (supposedly) so used to not questioning, but the film overall is repetitive and exasperating.

Courtney S (mx) wrote: In the context of Douglas Sirk, Rock Hudson and melodrama this movie struck me thusly: Huh?

Akramul i (nl) wrote: Wyler shows family life before and during war, happiness, but also the sad truth of what war brings to everyone.

Anthony L (mx) wrote: Pleasantly surprised, Tower Heist isn't half as bad as I'd been lead to believe. I thought the cast were good and worked well together, I liked the story, I didn't find it predictable and I liked the end. I was entertained pretty much throughout and I even laughed a couple of times. Very easy viewing.