Uday dreams of becoming a police officer and serving his country. His dream is accompanied by a fierce determination and drive to make his dream come true. Even as he courageously treads on his chosen path, he is confronted by the face of evil in the form of a crooked police officer, Shankar. But Uday soon meets with a television employee named Kaveri and once again finds his life upside down.

Uday dreams of becoming a police officer and serving his country. His dream is accompanied by a fierce determination and drive to make his dream come true. Even as he courageously treads on... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Peter G (jp) wrote: "I'm a machine, and I could know so much more." After the watching the complete series I was happy to hear of a film to round off the series, after all isn't an addition better than none? Although I enjoyed BSG: The Plan I found it to be more of a "tie up lose ends" than an actual film. Don't get me wrong, I really enjoyed the film and I loved how they tied it in with all the events of every season but it just wasn't what I expected. :-S Throughout the entire series BSG promised us that the cylons had a plan but we hadn't really been shown anything suggesting to a master plan of any kind so I thought this film would be the answer to my prayers. However it was more of an insight to the cylon's side of the series. It seemed to be more fixing contingency purpose than anything else. My only objection to the content was the unnecessary nudity in the film which seemed to be for no purpose what so ever, the same type which gives Sci-Fi a bad name. :( Overall a good addition to the Battlestar Galactica series but didn't add anything new to the narrative, give any character development, plot development. A good watch though. Peter G. :)

Joe Z (nl) wrote: Powerful and Inspiring - I saw Billy: The Early years last night and really enjoyed it. The acting and cinematography was excellent and I found the story to be very moving. It?s rare to find such great Hollywood movie that doesn?t have all the usual garbage that goes with it. A must see for everyone.

Fredrik S (nl) wrote: Yet another beautiful and bizarre film from Greenaway. The treatment of a painting as a code, a cipher that tells a whole story is compelling and the photo and the lighting etc. is extraordinary, evoking Rembrandt's paintings of course. But the film is sad to say boring at times and feels far too long and convoluted for its own good. I really wanted to like this film, and I might just see it again to try and see if a get more of what is going on, but overall, it was not one of Greenaway's finest hours.

Kok F (es) wrote: Such a sad, sad, sad film. The tragedy goes heavier as the story moves. There is no way out for all these kids. Lili's music becomes their only communication channel. At times, I thought is that it? That cruelty and hopelessness? Only the very strong one lives?Very stylish editing and cinematography, and they works out at their very best.

Daniel H (es) wrote: one of the best movies ever made!!

Charles M (au) wrote: I Loved the movie. I think they did the best and better than they could with the limited budget and coming out a bit after Jurassic Park. I think it would have been better if the movie was longer and brought out the characters a bit more.All in all, I Loved the movie.

Julia O (nl) wrote: What a strange little film this is! But if you're willing to enter into the screwy, freewheeling spirit of it, by God you'll be amply rewarded. Excuse me, but a musical version of "The Elephant Man"? Brilliant! Another of those comedies where my son and I have been quoting lines from it at each other for years. And we never fail to laugh!

Zachary Y (kr) wrote: Ridiculous. A Finnish Christopher Guest of sorts, clearly an influence of the likes of Metalocalypse. Outrageous.

Lucie F (ag) wrote: At que continua divertidinho, apesar de bobo pra caramba.

Julia O (de) wrote: As silly and unbelievable as the prospect of an actor getting revenge on critics who gave him bad ratings, this is fantastic film.

Eric J (gb) wrote: Corny, campy, cheesy and mysoginistic. Zsa Zsa vas lahvley, Dahling.

Logan M (us) wrote: A beautiful story, with excellent performances from its cast, especially from the hilarious scene-stealing, June Squibb.

Tom J (nl) wrote: A romantic comedy with some wit and some intellectual heft beyond it, exploring the power of words vs. imagery. The actual competition between students of art teacher Dina Delsanto (Juliette Binoche) and English professor Jack Marcus (Clive Owne) is contrived and the chemistry between Olwen and Binoche doesn't always work, but you do root for them to get together in the end.