An orphaned cheetah becomes the best friend and pet of a young boy living in South Africa.

An orphaned cheetah becomes the best friend and pet of a young boy living in South Africa. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Carla P (fr) wrote: urprised I liked this so much. Before today never heard about DOTA and watching geeks playing computer games is not my ideal of fun but this doc is so engaging I found myself rooting for them.

Babina B (nl) wrote: I wanna be just like Guru Bhai! this movie wonderful, its simply inspiring.

Aaron B (br) wrote: "The King of Kong: A fistful of Quarters" set the bar unattainably high in the genre of classic arcade game competition documentaries, but this one is still really good. Watch it if you remember the golden age of the video arcade.

Alan D (it) wrote: I enjoyed "Confetti" the cast do a great job and its heart is in the right place, i just couldn't help thinking that it belonged on TV as some kind of Valentines day special. the script is purely improvised and i pretty much cant fault it other than it just feels although putting something like this on film is massively overshooting the mark.

Sui G (de) wrote: Funny. Not as good as the first one though. It was pretty good though.

Diego F V (us) wrote: Pasa, por tener una gran actuacion por parte de Jorge Perugorria.

Kat D (de) wrote: mmmmm.. young handsome Sting ;)

Eric H (ag) wrote: This is one of the top 5 baseball movies ever made. Ranks right up there with movies like Bull Durham, Major League, Field of Dreams, and The Natural. A fictional team set in the 40s this movie deals with the highs and lows of a minor league baseball player and some of the issues of the time like Racism and overcoming adversity. The characters are extremely well written, well devloped and likeable. Any baseball player or baseball fan will love this movie and most will appreciate it for its light comedy, underdog story and overall fun "guy movie" feel. A must see for all baseball fans.

Johnny T (ag) wrote: Holmes is a reimagining of the detective's origin story, but it is also respectful of Arthur Conan Doyle's work. Young Sherlock Holmes is fun from beginning to end-an action-packed thrill ride with a satisfying mystery, rock-solid acting, and creepy scenes. It gets a little too scary for kids, but Young Sherlock Holmes is a wonderful movie that deserves to find a new audience. There is something about Holmes's elegant, haunting, and whisperingly melancholic distance, his analytical remove from the world, that inspires a desire for glimpses of the baroque corridors of labyrinthine interiors. A lighthearted murder mystery that weds Sir Arthur Conan Doyle to the kind of rollicking action-adventure that has made Steven Spielberg the most successful movie maker in the world. The elaborate special effects also seem a little out of place in a Sherlock Holmes movie, although I'm willing to forgive them because they were fun. The film shall remain a cult classic - loved by some, but sadly forgotten by most. Big, silly, loud, nicely designed, and occasionally enjoyable. VERDICT: "High-Quality Stuff" - [Positive Reaction] This is a rating to a movie I view as very entertaining and well made, and definitely worth paying the full price at a theatre to see or own on DVD. It is not perfect, but it is definitely excellent. (Films that are rated 3.5 or 4 stars)

Lisa S (kr) wrote: This movie has an amazing collection of great actors: Raul Julia, Teri Garr, Desi Arnaz, Elizabeth Daily, M. Emmet Walsh. But then the whole movie is more amazing than I can believe. Sometimes this magic movie got me confused as to what was happening on screen, especially in key scenes. And is it just me or does the main character, played by O'Neal, look younger than his character is supposed to be? I found out he was about 16 when they made the movie, but he looks 12 or 13. It was interesting to see Raul Julia as Desi Arnaz's son, and him acting like a kid, but I wanted to see more of him. Overall, a so-so movie, but it is cute, I'll give it that.

Kev R (it) wrote: Beyond the film's aesthetic triumphs, it also offers plenty of exhilarating excitement, thrills and suspense as Sinbad goes on his adventure to save the princess while battling all sorts of creatures, including the Cyclops, along the way. The fight scenes, combined with the stop-motion animation, are quite fun and, in B-movie style, they're even a little bit campy. Sinbad: The Fifth Voyage is the kind of film that should be seen on the big screen with a large group of friends. Fans of Ray Harryhausen should rejoice. If there were any justice, it would become a cult classic.This film is a superbly acted, exciting and violent ride! In the pursuit of justice, there will be blood. But this time, you'll be rooting for the good guy, and I, a fifty years young woman, loved every minute of it!

Ingela A (mx) wrote: Spud made me cry and laugh my head off at the antics of some of these horrible young boys and what they get up to at boarding school. Bullies and best mates somehow they survive it all. Fitting in, fighting off the ladies, and becoming a man - Spud takes you on a trip through the mind of a pubescent boy where nothing is too embarrassing to mention! Makes a nice change to delve into a boys world!

David M (us) wrote: Highly anticipated prior to release and ultimately a superior disappointment.

Sofia (fr) wrote: Judging by Bergman, Spain must have had one heck of a dental organisation in the 30's...

Michael W (au) wrote: I am going date myself reviewing this movie, but I love this all time classic! The original National Lampoon's Vacation is the best of the Vacation movie series. The best movie role Chevy Chase has done. Comic master Harold Ramis ( of Caddyshack, Ground Hog Day fame) crafts, a comically brilliant story of one event after another which goes wrong on a road trip from Chicago to Los Angles. The dead aunt on the car roof, the Arizona car jump to, being lost in the desert is classic. Chase dealing with in-laws, car problems, money problems, family trouble, and a women in a Red Ferrari culminates into a goofy Chase stumbling into the movie's climatic Wallyworld ending. The Chase/John Candy ending just crushes it for a strong ending. 5 stars.