Dumbbells is a light-hearted buddy comedy set amongst a group of misfit employees that work in a struggling fitness center in Los Angeles.

A former basketball star suffering from a knee injury looks to rehab himself at a rundown Los Angeles gym. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Anthony S (nl) wrote: The film's core achievement is not in its nostalgia for a time rock critics fetishize, but in conveying the sense of loss of the sublime. Which is what Big Star, and especially the group's architect, Chris Bell, provided to listeners.

Carl L (kr) wrote: Must be extremely patient to watch this. Not for everyone.

Carolyn M (us) wrote: excellent film, recommend it to everyone! good food for thought! left the theater thinking and smiling, why war with guns???

Aleksandar B (ag) wrote: Sweet. I highly recommend it.

Brian F (nl) wrote: Never gets old watching this!

Manuel P (kr) wrote: la historia es regular pero entretiene

Hobie P (fr) wrote: A child killer makes this film worth watching at all costs.

Spencer S (ru) wrote: There really hadn't been, and hasn't since been, a thriller like "Pacific Heights." It melds horror and thriller seamlessly, casting Michael Keaton as an unhinged tenant who messes with new landlords Patty and Drake (Griffith and Modine). Carter Hayes (Keaton) uses the law as a means to threaten, extort, and pressure his landlords into hurting him, so he can use it against them. Trapped in their so-called home and unable to throw him out, they go crazy, and eventually lose everything they tried to build. Keaton is such a sublime maniac, that every scene he is in makes you uneasy. He's creepy, but in a subtle, predatory kind of way. His eyes always smolder, and you never know whether he's unhinged, or just greedy. The revenge fantasy angle was interesting, and I liked the way it played out, as it amped up the tension even further. The cat and mouse game that Keaton and Griffith play onscreen is tantamount to "Single White Female," but without the obsessive quality to it. I highly recommend this for those who love thrillers and the work of Micheal Keaton.

Nick B (mx) wrote: a highly stylized film... kind of a throwback nowadays.... its almost style over substance until s*#t gets real... a very good performance from Richard Gere - better than any I can think of at the moment... I just wish it had been more substantial overall...

Jane A (de) wrote: Just one of the most AMAZING films I've ever seen.

Sebastian H (nl) wrote: great atmosphere, wonderful images, captures the spirit of the time, but it drags. can't wait to see this on DVD

Hannah D (ca) wrote: At first I liked this very much, but I soon got rather tired of it, and indeed fell asleep. I love Hans Christian Andersen's magical stories, but I found this rather dated and a bit twee. I think it would appeal a great deal more to children. I was expecting a bit more from it and felt rather disappointed.