A British Corporal in France finds himself responsible for the lives of his men when their officer is killed. He has to get them back to Britain somehow. Meanwhile, British civilians are being dragged into the war with Operation Dynamo, the scheme to get the French and British forces back from the Dunkirk beaches. Some come forward to help, others were less willing.

Two stories in one - an easygoing British Corporal in France finds himself responsible for the lives of his men when their officer is killed. He has to get them back to Britain somehow. ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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damien c (us) wrote: Lacking in story. Horrific cg. Motorcycle fight scene on roof top was maybe the worst and dumbest fight scene in history. Fight scenes in the last 1/3 of the film made film at minimum watchable. Classic example of how a poor budget can turn what should be a 5 star movie into a real crapper.

Kyle N (ru) wrote: Could possibly have been good ... with a real director and real actors

James H (mx) wrote: Not too bad, reasonably suspenseful, it moves along at a good pace, the acting is fine except the little boy (Toby) is unconvincing. Average, it belongs on the Lifetime channel.

Marc (us) wrote: 0%Couple of minutes into it, just, ugh.. I'll take Land of the Dead again please.

Barb K (br) wrote: ABSOLUTELY engrossing. Unexpected storyline. Superb performances!

ChadPoop G (br) wrote: not your average road trip film. I liked this sweet, yet very strange film!!!

Kurt B (kr) wrote: The last of the one-liner, romantic-action films. And for good reason.

Brent M (kr) wrote: (3-8-08) In this movie that takes place in vietnam, Gene Hackman plays an air force capt whos plane goes down in the jungle, he has to use his golf vocabulary to communicate with Danny Glover's character who is flying a plane around the area trying to help him get out. This movie was OK, but I expected their to be more depth to the plot and the whole code concept. I'm not that big a fan of Danny Glover's acting, and his role here didn't convince me any more. Gene Hackman was solid as usual, but I've seen better from him. Overall, a flick you will watch and forget about, won't make any of my lists for sure.

Wayne C (au) wrote: remember watching this when I was a kid,not to bad :-)

Paul P (ag) wrote: You have to admire this film just for the character of Mona. She isn't your quirky, fun loving traveler of the road like many films have done before and since this was made. She doesn't compromise for anyone, she lives on her own terms and she doesn't care at all. Great touch by showing her life through flashbacks of the people she met along her journey. There is something holding me back from getting on her side and caring 100% like i should. It's not Agnes Varda's fault, i just have a hard time fully empathizing with characters like these, i'm weird.

Greg M (mx) wrote: Great movie. Australian shearing culture.

Private U (it) wrote: Who would have ever guessed that the creator of All in the Family could make a film as startlingly visual as this? The film is a social satire about a small town ehre almost everybody smokes trying to give it up for a month for the good of the community., only to choke the air with even more smoke by the end. This grabbed me from the very beginning and would not let go with it's frequent whip-pans and jaunty Randy Newman score (his very first). Surprisingly not very anti-smoking, but very anti-Big Tobacco.

Jennifer S (de) wrote: Bette and Karl make an odd and not believable couple but it's still great!

Amanda P (us) wrote: Can a movie be enjoyable without a main conflict? Somewhat. This depression-era fantasy piece is super cute.