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Dupatta torrent reviews

Owen M (ru) wrote: Very poor. Kirsten Bell's dialog is like it is being read straight off cue cards. It could be a spoof.

David S (es) wrote: Did you know that principles of horse training can be applied to all areas of personal life? If not, you will when you watch about twenty minutes of material repeated 4 1/2 times.

Brendan N (nl) wrote: Page is brilliant and the characters are well developed. didn't expect to like this but I'm super impressed and can't recommend this one any more.

Cory T (ru) wrote: I think this movie deserves a lot more recognition and praise than what it received. The interviews that are told in this movie are so in depth and amazingly crafted, that I became engulfed in it. I love how the movie cuts in and out of different situations, and that in itself glorifies the storyline, making it that much more stronger. This film is definitely deeply rooted in the psychological foundations of relationships, cheating, and human behavior. Well tuned in my opinion. John Krasinki did a good job adapting this to film.

Ryan W (mx) wrote: The best documentary ever. Makes me wanna grab my board and surf every time. If your a surfer you have to watch this.

Woodrow T (gb) wrote: Woody Harrelson is brilliant!!!

Dan H (mx) wrote: Good movie. Made you think.

Ian T (ru) wrote: I am SWEATIN' to see this.

Newton P (de) wrote: Very good start but bad ending.

Martijn W (jp) wrote: Believe it or not Russell Crowe plays gay... Light footed no deep meaning at all but an absolutely must see movie about unconditional love....

Dee C (es) wrote: an oldie but still funny based on cynthia payne's life

Jamie P (ca) wrote: One of my favorite all time movies. Hauntingly beautiful.

Sam M (ag) wrote: One of the best documentary based films, or documentary styled dramas.

Mark L (mx) wrote: I was hoping for a Wood rendition of Lolita but it's definitely not that kind of Jail Bait.. Probably one of Wood's best movies! Entertaining with a predictable but satisfying ending. The usual ensemble is here with some WOODen acting of a WOODen script!

Ken T (ag) wrote: A gem of a classic comedy stars Spencer Tracy as extremely dedicated newspaper man Warren Haggerty, who must find a way to thwart a libel suit from a woman who the paper guiltily libeled stating she was a husband stealer. The woman is Connie Allenbury (Myrna Loy) who will be traveling to the United States from Europe shortly. Warren hires ladies man Bill Chandler (William Powell) to head her off while en route to the States, but first, Warren concocts a scheme to first marry off his own fiance Gladys (Jean Harlow) to Bill so that Connie will actually be a husband stealer when she has a fling with Bill! A terrific screwball comedy with several extremely funny moments - particularly a fishing scene with Connie and her fishing-loving father. The pairing of Loy and Powell was always magic! And Jean Harlow has a much beefier role that usually given to characters of her type in this film.

Todd S (ca) wrote: The cast of Mind Hunters is as weird and diverse as any movie can get, but what turned me on to this film was the fact that it was Directed by Renny Harlin. Harlin is a legend in the world of action films, responsible for such films as Die Hard 2, 12 Rounds, & The Long Kiss Goodnight. He usually doesn't waste his time on direct-to-video films, and prefers to feature his own people, but the story here was so good, that he must of made an exception. Mind Hunters follows seven FBI agents who are training to be profilers, under the watch of the toughest trainer there ever was, Jake Harris (Val Kilmer). For their final test, the group goes to a small island the navy uses for training, and must work together in order to catch a serial killer that doesn't exist or do they? Once they begin their investigation, the group quickly come to realize that the scene is booby trapped and they are cut off from the outside world, trapped on an island with a killer. While having a unique location and a terrific director, what I really enjoyed about this film was how it was more than just some slasher film. This group isn't just a bunch of frat girls running from a guy in a hockey mask, they are trained, intelligent, FBI agents, trying to figure out which one of them is responsible for setting the rest up. This film features all the fighting, gun battles, and chases that you get in a typical action thriller, but there is also a methodical obsession among the group to find the one that betrayed them, and for that this film is unique. Kathryn Morris stars and has more than enough experience playing a detective, after sever years on Cold Case. Likewise LL Cool J has played a cop on numerous occasions, most recently on NCIS: Los Angles. Going into the film, I wasn't all that crazy about this cast, but once I got into it, I realized that they were brought together, because all of these guys have plays cops, FBI agents, or some kind of law enforcer in the past. That mix of unique personalities and experience help this film, because what the cast lacks in talent, they make up for with experience. Mind Hunters isn't something you've never seen before, but it brings together several different common themes in a new way and it will keep you on the edge of your seat.