Dus Tola

Dus Tola

Dus Tola is a 2010 Hindi comedy and drama film, remade from the Hit Malayalam film of the 80's Ponmuttayidunna Tharavu, directed by Ajoy Varma and starring Manoj Bajpai in the lead role. Dus Tola was released on 22 October 2010. Distributed in the U.S. and co-produced by Warner Bros., it is the forth Bollywood movie made and distributed in partnership with a major Hollywood studio, following Sony's Saawariya (2007) and Walt Disney Pictures' animated feature Roadside Romeo (2008) and Warner Bros. Pictures' Chandni Chowk To China (2009). It is the second Hindi film under the banner of Warner Bros. Pictures

A Village goldsmith gets betrayed by the woman he loves. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Leonardo Malacay S (mx) wrote: TIenen buenos personajes pero en definitiva es una mala pelcula

Alan C (br) wrote: An ok zombie movie. All the usual cliches and nothing particularly new. Special effects were physical rather than CGI which is a good thing. For zombie fans only.

Matthew O (kr) wrote: Be careful for what you wish for'Produced by the guys who brought the popular 'Wolf Creek'. Coffin Rock is an altogether different kind of beast. The film follows a small fishing community and a couple who are despite to conceive a child, one drunken night the female lead (Jessie) sleeps with a young stranger. This is no run of the mill thriller as the 'from the producers of wolf creek' should give away. The young Irish stranger has a few screws loose, which is illustrated earlier with a rather nasty killing of a young kangaroo, in one of the boys various 'I am mental episodes' the film makers throw at the viewer, to keep reminding you he is mad and in an attempt to rack up the tension.The idea of the couple trying to conceive and the problems it is causing, including a sub plot of a fellow worker causing trouble is interesting, and it could have made an interesting thriller, but the director bottles it and decides to just go for shock value to many times rather than tension. There are some good scenes of the crazy lead, a scene of the boy blowing on a window and drawing a heart shape to a scared Jessie is a nice touch, and the acting is fine, but the predictable over the top climax is just a disappointment. The film had a great idea, and if it had just held its bottle and got a bit leaner, then Coffin Rock would have been a much more of a surprise.

Dasen P (ca) wrote: jebena crna komedija.

Florentine T (br) wrote: I THOUGHT IT WAS FUNNY

movie fan a (nl) wrote: great emotional family movie!!

Dave I (ag) wrote: There should be a picture of this kid in the dictionary under the word "persistence".

Kevin P (ag) wrote: As the YouTube reviewer FoldingIdeas put it, Fight Cub is an effective satirical look on the paradoxical loops of frustrated men attempting to evade their empty feeling consumeristic pampering leash by ironically creating a violent counterculture that is only different from their dominant society by a new coat of paint; a bloody red coat of paint at that. Despite the disturbing implications that the main characters commit, their metaphorical implications make the movie all the more potent when viewed under a different shade. Topped by charismatic performances, witty dialogue, and a thrillingly original narrative flips the movie's unpleasant subject matter into a clever, entertaining, and engaging piece of cinema.

Andrew L (de) wrote: Great comedy film. Great chemistry between Jones and Smith.

Clay B (au) wrote: NEVER TALK TO STRANGERS (1995)

Martyn G (br) wrote: It's an okay film. A tad cheesy in parts, but what do you expect from a JCVD movie.Not as good as when I first watched it, but then my tastes have changed. The idea of time travel interests me and if it were possible you just know someone would use it for their own gains.

Ryan M (de) wrote: Talk about losing your moorings... When Orestes declares that he and the children are living out "what theater people call an epilogue" towards the end of the film, he's about an hour and a half too late. From the early moment when Voula and Alexander's Uncle strips the audience of the children's idealism, 'Landscape in the Mist' becomes one big, distended tragedy of an afterword. And for the surrealistic humor that occasionally softens the tone, nothing really can mitigate the pain of the moment when Voula realizes the true price of a train ticket. This movie overflows with feeling, intelligence, and lyricism. A masterpiece.

Toni S (de) wrote: Good crime thriller...well, at least good enough to keep you up late at night when it come on tv. ;-)

Kenneth L (br) wrote: Not much to say about this movie. It's a competent adaptation of the Henrik Ibsen play, nothing more or less. It might because I saw it on VHS, but the cinematography seemed pretty bad. It's one of the few films in which you will ever see Patrick Stewart with hair, which is weird. It's ok.

Timothy M (kr) wrote: Unconventional satire - an unusual hodge-podge of wartime songs and accounts of what the powers that were said at the time. The damning satire of it works, but the material itself isn't really suited to be a film, and so the feature as a whole doesn't entirely work. Attenborough and his cinematographer do everything they can to disguise that fact - their work is top-notch. The last shot is extraordinary. Great supporting cast too, but even though he's my favourite actor, I'm hard-pressed to understand just how Olivier snagged a BAFTA for this.

Michael M (mx) wrote: Hardcore Henry had waves of appreciation for me. At first, I loved it, and was amazed by its first-person perspective. After about 15 minutes though, I started to get tired of the gimmick and longed for something more; then Sharlto Copley showed up and my appreciation went up again. Then I realized there really wasn't much of a story and I got bored again. Then some amazing action scene would happen and I'd be totally okay with the minimal story. This on-and-off process went on for pretty much the entire runtime. I love this first-person style, it's something I've wanted movies to experiment with for a long time. On top of that, even without the first-person perspective, this is still just a crazy fun action movie. If this was normal third-person perspective, it would still have some of the most enjoyable action scenes I've seen in a while. The problem is, without any story or characters to attach yourself to, it starts to lose its appeal. At first, it's like a fireworks show. Big splashy effects and loud noises. But there's a reason fireworks shows usually only last 10-20 minutes. They try to work in some story near the final act, but it was confusing and not very engaging. The movie has a bad guy, but the only way I could tell he was a bad guy was because everyone said he was, not because of anything he did. The closest we get to story or characters is Sharlto Copley, and admittedly he is incredible. He plays multiple characters (kind of...it's complicated) and it's clear he's having an absolute blast in this performance and that enjoyment is kind of infectious. For me, the fun of Copley's performances combined with some truly innovative action sequences was enough for me to recommend this movie. It's really the first of its kind, and it is a lot of fun in a roller coaster sort of way. Without a solid story to thread you along the effects scenes are just that though, effects. It is ultimately a hollow experience, but as far as hollow experiences go, it was a lot of fun.