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Tristan P (au) wrote: A compelling story ultimately about growing up in the West, The Cowboys is more emotionally involved than most Westerns, and showcases one of John Wayne's best performances.

Jessica H (ag) wrote: Has the potential to be so much better.

Dawid P (mx) wrote: tani i oblesny film akcji. syf

Matt M (fr) wrote: Despite the plot sounding like Harold and Maude, this is a different take on the theme of human and emotional connection and the need to receive and give affection. It is the tenderness and soul of Venus that makes it so touching. Quite possibly the last monumental performance by Peter O'Toole, that inexplicably still was not good enough to give him his Oscar, who plays the fragile seasoned charmer and reveals a close personal connection with the character.

Gavin P (ca) wrote: A great ensemble cast in what is essentially a cross between A Death At A Funeral and The Royal Tenenbaums, but with a great lead character - Zooey Deschanel, superb as always - and some heart. The kids were annoying, but it told the story well enough - no family's perfect, and I was seeing a lot of similarities here, being one of four siblings and having an auntie & uncle. Nice ending to wrap it all up, with a few laughs - glad it wasn't too sombre, as a comedy about a funeral can be.

max h (ru) wrote: A twisted Americana in a dark reflection of "Our Town". A tad long and heavy-handed, but the concept is fascinating, sparse settings giving light to characters both ignorant and interesting.

Scott W (au) wrote: This didn't do much for me at all.

bill s (fr) wrote: In the 80's this was the closest to what happens in a real teen relationship.

Chloe B (fr) wrote: what now thats just plain wierd

Courtney A (jp) wrote: A good story idea but it is poorly executed! An becomes a compilation of every possession movie you've ever seen.

Kurt F (br) wrote: 9/2/16 The story of Moses is fairly well known. I forgot certain parts of it, but this was a good refresher. I thought it was interesting that they tried to "explain" some of the miracles to give a scientific explanation as to how they might of happened. (ie, bad water made frogs leave the water, frogs need water, so they die, then flies come because there are dead frogs....) IT was okay, but nothing really new here.

Joshua H (ca) wrote: I went into this expecting to see a so-so movie with awesome dance scenes, but I got a so-so movie with so-so dance scenes.