Two parallel tales of redemption, a century apart. In the New York storyline, Edge hunts for Angela's gold to pay back a debt, and gradually grows closer to her. In the Macedonian story, the brothers end up fighting for opposite sides of a revolution, with the religious Elijah taking up sides with the Ottoman sultan and gunslinger Luke joining "the Teacher" , a Macedonian rebel.

Two inter-cut tales of redemption, a century apart. Late in the 1800s, two brothers feud over a woman. She marries one; the other, Luke, a deadly gunslinger, becomes a soldier of fortune in... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Martin G (ag) wrote: L'histoire n'est pas la hauteur d'acteurs tel que John Cusack et Robert de Niro.

Tom The Roadkill C (nl) wrote: You can tell that this is a low-budget movie!

Florian S (gb) wrote: Starring Noomi Rapace | Shooting star of the "Millenium" trilogy

Arup R (br) wrote: probably the best film i've seen this year. i first noticed prakash raj in kanathil muthamittal and thought he did a pretty thorough job. in this film, however, he stands shoulder to shoulder with kamal hassan in 'nayakan.' priyadarshan totally blew me away with the way with which he dealt with the script and the story. the cinematography isn't fancy (mostly a hybrid sepia-like black and white) but is extremely effective. i'm not entirely sure how much the portrayal of communism in the film is poetic license and how much is reinforcing stereotypes, but it's a genuine attempt to tell a moving story and i think the cast and crew of the film deserve full credit for that.

Andrew A (br) wrote: Oh, Kabluey....you held so much promise, and could've really been something. But you forgot those two fateful words - character development. Even the most attentive and aware viewer, will not be able to fully discern what it is you were trying to communicate through mere gestures, or brief set pieces, when what was really needed was more dialog - more meaning, and less seeming. You should've been more than a 3-star movie - and I fancy the original script could well have produced a far better film, than the one on show here, as quaint and observant as it is.

Ryan Gordon F (au) wrote: the child in this film is evil to the core. A must watch for horror fans.

James H (de) wrote: Okay, so it's a bit cheesy and hokey, but I like films like this probably more often than I should. The special effects were mediocre, but it had a good pace and was entertaining.

Simon D (nl) wrote: a very lighthearted movie for Cage and SJP was even bearable. Under normal circumstances I might give this a 2.5 stars but I'm going to Vegas for the first time next week and wanted to get a feel of the place, it didn't dissapoint.

sheri (gb) wrote: the best movie of sridevi

Jim H (ca) wrote: So it's a satire?I struggled to understand what this film is about throughout most of the ninety-five minutes, and I blame part of my struggles on my own ignorance: I don't know the time, the political climate, or Godard well enough to have any context. What I do know is that this film is remarkably hard to watch. It's either too-deft satire or preaching with the fervor that would make a Baptist minister blush. It's either a disjointed film in the tradition of Brian De Palma's Hi, Mom or so post-structural that even Jacques Derrida is screaming, "What the fuck?" Either way, what I said about Masculin Feminin is not true here: though it is jumbled, it is not ultimately compelling. Rather, its effect is repelling.

Gregory W (gb) wrote: great drama, story,& cast was out when I was born!

Hywel T (fr) wrote: An absolute classic. I can't think of another better film; everything from the acting, photography, script, direction, music and location. It is so perfect that like a good joke or great sex, trying to rationalise it is probably pointless.

Van R (nl) wrote: Lon Chaney, Jr., delivers one of his better career performances as a former sideshow attraction that acquires immunity to electricity in writer & director George Waggner??s compelling but tragic horror movie ??Man-Made Monster.?? Ill-fated protagonist ??Dynamo?? Dan McCormick survives multiple attempts by the state to fry him in the electric chair for the murder of one of America??s foremost scientists. Subsequently, McCormick escapes from the death chamber and sets out to find the devious dastard who turned him into a homocidal maniac. This atmospheric Universal Pictures?? release qualifies as an above-average chiller with Lionel Atwill surpassing himself as the mad scientist who conducts unethical experiments on our unsuspecting hero. Waggner himself acquired a reputation as a maestro of horror movies. Indeed, later that year in 1941, Waggner collaborated later with Chaney on their most memorable project ??The Wolf Man,?? another saga about a considerate man whose life is destroyed by tragedy. What sets ??Man-Made Monster?? apart from the typical, run-of-the-mill, B-horror chiller is that Waggner conjures up a sympathetic hero, and Chaney, Jr., makes the guy into a charismatic figure. No, the hero isn??t very swift, but he is a cheerful sort who intends nobody harm. Waggner gets a lot of mileage out of the relationship between Chaney, Jr., and a pet dog. "Man-Made Monster" marked the first time that Chaney, Jr., appeared in a horror movie as the monster. On the other hand, the mad scientist that Lionel Atwill plays is so incredibly despicable that you enjoy it when he suffers his comeuppance at Chaney, Jr.??s hands. At this point, the hero is so charged up that his arms and head glow with electricity. Eventually, he learns to don a rubber suit to conserve his electricity. Samuel S. Hinds is terrific, too, as the well-meaning doctor who persuades Chaney, Jr.??s character to serve as a guinea pig for their experiences. Of course, the benevolent Dr. Lawrence (Samuel S. Hinds) doesn??t want to take advantage of our likeable hero, but mad scientist Dr. Rigas (Lionel Atwill) displays no such qualms. Waggner paces this economical, 59-minute saga so that the suspense gradually builds after Dr. Rigas takes over the experiments with Chaney, Jr.??s?? character. A peripheral romance smolders in the background between a newspaper reporter and Dr. Lawrence??s secretary. Not only did Waggner helm this entertaining horror film, but he also penned the screenplay under a nom de plume. Waggner derived the film from a story H.J. Essex, Sid Schwartz, and Len Golas. Later, Waggner went on to helm the better-than-average ??Horror Island?? with Dick Foran.