Dust Up

Dust Up

Dust Up is a kick ass action comedy served up by Ward Roberts and starring Amber Benson that will make you laugh, gasp and punch the person you're sitting ...

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:94 minutes
  • Release:2012
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:explosion,   fight,   rescue,  

A former vigilante who has embraced his peaceful nature comes to the aid of a young mother in trouble with a cannibalistic drug lord. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Matthew D (br) wrote: The versions of the characters are well done and the voice-work is as good as always for DC comics animation, the story has a good set-up and some nice twists and turns, but it feels like more could have been done with the characters and the small moments of development some have don't quite work. Also the whole thing is over-the-top in its machoness, at times to the point of parody.

Bill S (es) wrote: An entertaining film from beginning to end. Marvel studios does it again :)

WS W (mx) wrote: Cheesy & uninteresting.

Anand K (fr) wrote: Idiotic. But it was gimmicky so reviewers loved it of course.

Tim M (es) wrote: No wonder I hadn't heard of it. There's some famous people, but the plot and dialog are horrendous. The direction is lazy. Had to stop 45 min in, just too terrible.

Peter L (gb) wrote: Another fine film from Wayne Wang depicting the gap in culture and generation between a father and his daughter. It's a quiet thoughtful movie with strong performances from the cast, especially the scenes with Henry O (the father) and Vida Ghahremani (the Iranian woman) on the park bench.

Zaida C (mx) wrote: Okay so it was like a long music video.....

Brett H (us) wrote: Easily one of the coolest and most unique foreign action films I've seen with the brilliant parkour fighting style and interesting plot idea. The story is pretty standard for action fare, but the fight scenes are so kick-ass, that's really all you need to focus on.

Mark H (de) wrote: Let me start off with the fact that I do not like Tim Burton: I like some of his earlier films like Beetlejuice, Edward Scissorhands, or Nightmare before Christmas, but other than that... So when I saw that this was directed by Burton I was very pessimistic. I have to say this was a very funny, unique movie, and the acting by Depp and Landau was nothing short of amazing.

Patrick B (kr) wrote: I wasn't satisfied with the ending, however the journey to it was often hilarious, despite a few bumps of redundancy.

Adam S (nl) wrote: Although I think the essence of this film is great, for me it paints him as a bit of an abrupt ladies' man, and there seem to be many inaccuracies throughout the film. Did he really have a relationship with Gachet's daughter? I've researched for years and have never read it anywhere!

Michael B (au) wrote: I had to watch this movie in my English class ... I have no earthly idea why.

Anmol Kumar S (fr) wrote: Plot was old nothing special but Michael Jai White is great in action so convincing after long time I am seeing someone so dominating in action scenes. He is surely the next action star if he gets good movies. I have become his fan as an action star. however movie from story angle had nothing new

Trey L (us) wrote: Even though this movie is a faith based film, I truly believe that anyone would benefit from watching it. One of my favorite films this year so far.