Dutch Girls

Dutch Girls

In this sophomoric comedy, a lusty adolescent British hockey team heads for Holland where they find something far more interesting than tulips and windmills--gorgeous, lusty women. They are so busy pursuing romance that they forget all about their upcoming match.

An adolescent British field hockey team goes to Holland, where they find something far more interesting than tulips and windmills - hot, sexy women! They are so busy chasing girls that they forget all about their hockey match. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ben T (ru) wrote: Cute movie, especially for dog lovers everywhere.

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Art S (ru) wrote: Chris Rock is an engaging performer and he seems like he must be a nice guy. I haven't really been following his career. This is the third feature film he has directed. He plays what you would have to assume is a version of himself, a famous comedian trying to branch out into more serious pursuits being interviewed by the New York Times. There is now a genre of these types of movies that blend reality and fiction, a genre that can be pretty fascinating and funny -- as in Tristam Shandy (2005) with Steve Coogan -- but which can also include horror shows like Jerry Springer's The Ringmaster (1998). Rock's film is somewhere in the middle. Rosario Dawson plays the Times reporter (and potential love interest) and their tete-a-tete ranges all over the place, covering alcoholism/sobriety, film criticism, reality TV vs. reality, and more. There are some "blue" moments (as in sexually explicit) and there is some raw language (no surprise) - but the general tone is affectionate and sensitive. The movie mostly succeeds as it ambles amiably along but it feels like we have been here before.

Tim V (gb) wrote: Discovered the subtitled upload on YouTube, definitely would be better on a smaller screen because the resolution sucked so now I definitely have to pick this up on Blu-Ray because the trailers make the whole thing look stunning. zIp would variously label this a $7.50 movie and hedge tolerates $8.