In the lie there can be love, in truth...never.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:90 minutes
  • Release:2009
  • Language:Bengali
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:asian,  

In the lie there can be love, in truth...never. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Greg D (us) wrote: Seemingly a predecessor of the Neon Demon, Starry Eyes gets a little manic for what the premise originally entails, but pulls off what it sets to accomplish nonetheless.

Deena D (nl) wrote: Part 1 & 2 are waaaaay better!!!

Greg W (us) wrote: reminded me of 'eddie and the cruisers' mixed with 'the commitments'

JJ J (jp) wrote: Took a while to see the point.

T L (gb) wrote: Watching this movie I was thinking to myself, you have to be kidding. IT SUCKED SOOOOO BAD! I cant believe I even took the time to write a review on it.

Mikey M (nl) wrote: Unusual British film about two guilty secret exorcists. It is interesting and is visually very pleasing on the eye, but it sets itself out as a comedy with huge concept potential and then ties itself in knots with different plots, each becoming more important than the last. Ultimately the comedy dries up pretty quickly (with the exception of a great turn from Isaacs) and it tries to be more touching and profound by the end, backed by an overbearing soundtrack. Structurally it is a train wreck and while it is fleshed out by several strong performances from key cast members, I couldn't help but feel it was an inverted personal vision with nothing to say for itself.

Derek B (fr) wrote: Most men will love this movie...most women will hate it.

Dawn B (ag) wrote: Got to love George!!!

Aliceice Y (mx) wrote: can't forget the sad ending ever since i first watched it when P5!BTW, how come Fleur=Yu Fa??

Sarah F (ru) wrote: Sure it was cheesy, but it was cute. =)

Ted W (br) wrote: Ok adventurous sequel starring Nic cage because everything back then had Nic cage in it. But this movie did surprise me and it's ok Ness that it was. Going into this movie I thought that it would be garbage because I loved the first movie but nope it's ok. The beginning/ 1 hour and a half was long and boring, too much blah blah blah then boom when they reach the mountain where the treasure is was awesome and the scene where the water goes into the lost city of gold or whatever, it was cheesy when the one bald guy betrays them but then becomes good again in 2 minutes, like what, is that supposed to be the bad guy, well if it is, worst bad guy ever. The plot of Nic cage has to save a civil war guy and prove that he's innocent and the adventure / journey he and his gang have to go through to get to their destination.

Martin G (es) wrote: Mlange d'aventure et science-fiction un peu la manire de Cowboys Vs. Aliens plus rcemment, Outlander est une bonne surprise sans tre un chef d'oeuvre. Les effets spciaux sont plutt bien fais. Jim Caviezel est plutt bon dans le rle du hro