Dying Breed

Dying Breed

In the depths of the Tasmanian wilderness a group of hikers looking for a Tasmanian Tiger. They encounter a group of cannibals descended from Alexander Pearce, who was hung for cannibalism in 1824, out to find fresh breeding stock.

Dying Breed interweaves the two most fascinating icons of Tasmanian history: the extinct Tasmanian tiger and "The Pieman" (aka Alexander Pearce) who was hanged for cannibalism in 1824. ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Simons P (fr) wrote: Counter to most reviews we REALLY enjoyed this. For the genre it was brilliant, bonkers yes, but a great whodunnit nonetheless: humorous yet dark, great fun to watch, very engaging and most importantly -very well acted!Some complain of the shifts in storytelling but I loved the keep you on your toes, guessing style. Some complain about the ending being ridiculous, yet the accept someone's is growing horns? It's in genre and all part of the humour to my mindIf I had gone by the reviews I would have missed what was a VERY enjoyable film. Loved it.

Sean R (mx) wrote: Great movie, a must see for any boxing or sports fan, a very real, candid and often emotional view of Ali from the other side. No rose tinted glasses here...this is a real depiction of a wonderful but like all geniuses flawed character.

Mayank M (kr) wrote: Glamour with a good lookin star cast is all this film has. Terrible visuals with a weak story n a bad edit are the highlights of Race 2. Average performances by all in this what could have been a good film.

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Kathryn R (es) wrote: McCartney was always my favourite Beatle, but after watching this touching, insightful Scorsese documentary, I'm now a fan of "The Quiet One". A MUST for all Beatles, music, and pop culture fans.

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Ashley (it) wrote: One of my favourite movies.

Sarah M (kr) wrote: Head in the Clouds is a beautiful and well played out film about love and deception during World War Two. It is, to say the very least, unforgettable.

Anna B (mx) wrote: This movie was great at setting up a beautiful, foreboding mood and then almost ruining itself with unintentionally funny schlock when it came time for an action sequence. I loved the first act, but I thought the movie had completely shit its pants when Robert Carlyle went crazy. And then it righted itself. And then it shit its pants again. And then righted itself again. It is tonally insane but in the end a pretty fascinating and bizarre experience. (I mean that as a compliment.)

Aditya M (gb) wrote: Didn't know Woody Allen could make a person feel, that the actor who played Achilles in a not too recent movie, was acting in his movie, when he actually wasn't. That was because Julia Roberts and Drew Barrymore were acting in the movie. I felt, an equally famous Indian actor Boman Irani, was acting as a Sikh person in the movie, also. I met two older girls at a party, when I was a small kid, in Bombay, as it was called then, and I imagined them to be two girls talking together, at my school, back at Kolkata. I assumed they were identical, and I asked them if they were the same girls at the same party, because they remembered me. It seems, to my sensibility, Mr. Allen was advertising many great cities, and just to make people happy about nice movies.

Tariq H (de) wrote: Great battle scenes that remind you of how surreal they were. These pilots fight with aircraft that they are barely aware of the mechanics of how they fly. Many of the aircraft were actually real life recreations- not just CGI. The battle scenes are convincing and show true to life World War 1 tactics. On the side the romantic subplots are also believable. If you are aviation enthusiast you might just enjoy this historical film.

Stephen C (it) wrote: Stunning movie. an hour or two after I finished it off I realized that Darius was crying because altering the past would cause them to never meet and their kiss on the boat was a final goodbye (noted by the lack of letters in the box) just shattered me.

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