Dying to Have Known

Dying to Have Known

A documentary filmmaker goes on a 52-day journey to find evidence supporting the effectiveness of the Gerson Therapy -- a long-suppressed natural cancer cure. His travels take him from Alaska to Mexico with stops in San Diego, New York, Japan, Holland and Spain. In the end, he presents the testimonies of patients, scientists, surgeons and nutritionists who testify to the therapy s efficacy in curing cancer and other degenerative diseases, and presents the hard scientific proof to back up their claims. Testimonies include: a Japanese medical school professor who cured himself of liver cancer over 15 years ago, a lymphoma patient who was diagnosed as terminal over 50 years ago as well as from noted critics of this world-renowned healing method who dismiss it out of hand as pure quackery. So the question that remains is, Why is this powerful curative therapy still suppressed, more than 75 years after it was clearly proven to cure degenerative diseases?

Master filmmaker Steve Kroschel, intrigued by a stunning statement from his last documentary, sets out to find hard evidence of the effectiveness of the Gerson Therapy, a long-suppressed ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Stephen T (ru) wrote: I haven't heard anything about it, but it looks at least to be a good rental.

Ross H (au) wrote: Just a nice little film. Nothing major but for some reason the characters and the story were refreshing to me when I saw it. Try it out!

Victoria W (jp) wrote: Fun little flick, while not ultimately THAT interesting. And Julie Andrews is marvellous.

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Lee H (ag) wrote: if you like drugs, you'll love More! But seriously...this is a haunting, but unshowy look at naive hedonism and lost paradise in Ibiza. No one does anthropological character studies with the same brio as Schroeder

rachel w (ca) wrote: dis film is just so faunny in places i lv da carry ons dey are so funny. dis film is 1 of ma fave carry ons.

rick r (nl) wrote: Richie Mehta's sci-fi/drama "I'll Follow You Down" stars Gillian Anderson, Haley Joel Osment, Rufus Sewell, Victor Garber and Susanna Fournier in a slow, steady melodrama that revolves around a family's agony after the mysterious disappearance of the patriarchal character Gabe, a young physicist researching wormhole theory and time travel. Years later son Erol discovers that there may be a chance to chance history and restore the timeline if he can find his father out of finishing the research. The story in "I'll Follow You Down" deals with a lot of science material tied together through emotional character study but you don't have to be a smarty to follow along. Maybe to argue the laws of physics and such one would need to bone up on wormhole theories, quantum physics & mechanics but most people will be drawn in by the character drama that unfolds in the film. The cast is top notch and give moving performances with no overdrawn grandiosity, just straight forward compassionate well developed characters that really make the story enjoyable. The sci-fi or scientific theory aspect of "I'll Follow You Down" is written more matter of fact and what I imagine would be elementary so a good foundation of "Star Trek" or other sci-fi knowledge really works well in that element of the material. I did phase out a bit over "time line corrections without complicating things" because that goes over my head, but I still found everything relatable without being too wordy. There is very little special effects in the film, most things boil down to a standard musical score that pulls at emotional elements of the film, there is a small practical effect and lighting effect against props to sell the "time machine" aspect that works just fine and without overstating the moment. "I'll Follow You Down" is really a family drama that has some sci-fi attached to it but mostly it is a well directed, well acted and completely executed drama that is enjoyable to watch. I enjoyed the film, the cast was great. The story is sweat and Haley Joel Osment gives a a commendable performance.