• Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:90 minutes
  • Release:1989
  • Language:English,Norwegian
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:water,   accident,   diver,  

Sundquist and Eidsvold play the two deep sea divers, who agree to do a quick unscheduled dive before taking their Christmas vacation, to help an oil company who's got a oil-valve caught in a trawl. The dive is to take only 5 minutes, and the divers will get a nice bonus. But things go wrong. The diving bell gets tangled in the trawl, and while trying to hoist up the bell, they tear asunder the oxygen tanks. Suddenly the bell is stuck, and the crew is unable to get it up. Caught in a diving bell at the bottom of the sea, rapidly running out of air, both the divers and the crew on the surface are racing against time to find a solution; how to get the two men up ALIVE! . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Dykket torrent reviews

Alex W (it) wrote: wow, it actually makes bronies look alright

Kevin R (ru) wrote: Strange how men like that can annoy me...Courtney and Major Brand are constantly at odds during World War I. Courtney is worn out from seeing his countrymen brought in, sent up in airplane dog fights, and brutally shot down. It has gotten so bad that most of his soldiers have less than 15 hours of flight experience before flying into war. Courtney sinks deeper and deeper into depression as he watches his troops be murdered and the missions keep coming from Major Brand..."You don't think I enjoyed losing those boys do you?"Edmund Goulding, director of Grand Hotel, The Trespasser, The Broadway Melody, Dark Victory, That Certain Woman, Riptide, and The Devil's Holiday, delivers Dawn Patrol. The storyline for this picture was very well done and a nice war time drama. The characters and script were well written and executed. The cast includes Errol Flynn, Basil Rathborn, David Niven, Donald Crisp, and Barry Fitzgerald."Those are the orders."I recently came across this on Turner Classic Movies (TCM) and couldn't wait to see this Errol Flynn classic. He is very good in this movie. He's often a fun loving, charming character; but in this, he plays a very dramatic easy to root for character. I loved his performance and recommend catching this."He's killed all of our men."Grade: B

Veroniica V (jp) wrote: Te envuelve simplemente, intrigante y mas que entretenida, lo cual representa mas que una esperanza para el cine mexicano. Es buenisima.

Frances H (br) wrote: Entertaining, but totally ludicrous, story of high school teens (who are really old enough to be doing their post-graduate master's theses) who fight off an invading army in this Aussie version of Red Dawn. This one seems more plausible, if one can say such about an action fantasy.

Devon W (us) wrote: A slow disturbing mystery following a doctor and his recently fingerless patient, a horror writer. Lots of bad shit brews and just as things have been dragged out long enough it erupts in a surprising and unbelievably gruesome conclusion. A great french flick worth checking out.

Robert I (ca) wrote: This has "Medellin" written all over it. Part 3.

Kevin M W (br) wrote: Man oh man, it's not easy keeping alla world's nutcase reactionary knuckleheads under our protective thumb but, thanks to our boys and girls out of Langley, Virginia, whirred peas is a dish served throughout the whole wide world. Redford plays the administrative guy, dealing with smug policy hacks threats in the store, while Pitt is our boy in the field facing the usual gun-toting variety. Tony Scott films one scene in this CIA love lettet nonsensically revolving around an outdoor, roof of-some-overseas-building exchange. "What was that all about," I wondered.

Brandon W (fr) wrote: I really hate when reviews are suddenly deleted and you have to try to write another review when the film has sat in the back of your head for over 10 months now. So keep in mind that I haven't seen this film in a while. What I can say about this film is that it isn't a comedy. It's more of a tragic story than anything, but what this film does well is turns a lot of cliches on their heads. Instead of a woman coming out of the closet and learning to cope with her decision and everyone around her, it's the opposite. She is a lesbian but falls in love with another man. Then questions of morals come up and if she is feeling really true love. That is where the heart of the story lies. It is not so much a comedy as much as a queer related romance. There is comedy in it sure, but it's not so much a hilarious comedy like Kevin Smith's Clerks. Much like that film, Kevin Smith can write amazing dialogue, but can't frame a shot to save his life. Overall, a good flick. Is it the happiest of stories? No, but one I believe should be given a shot.

Laura P (kr) wrote: It's really hard for me not to compaire Tudor dramas now with showtimes 'The Tudors' but I think these guys did a great Anne and Henry. I liked that Anne was more cold and distance than all sedutive. Although I actually felt abit sorry for Cardinal Wolsey which is a first. I think this film stands the test of time well.

jay n (br) wrote: Good music well sung, the story is steeped in patriotism, fittingly since it came out during WWII. Bing is fine and easy going, Betty plays twins, the brunette Betty is low key and likable but the blonde Betty is way too much. You want to reach through the screen and tie her down and gag her just for a moments peace!!

Ralph R (de) wrote: Gosh, this movie brings back memories.....ones of being stuffed in a sleeping bag by my older brother while he and my cousin farted in the top and held it closed.