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Tim M (us) wrote: In the Loop is the kind of movie that should be shown 100 times a month on HBO because it's so damn quotable. The movie parodies the quest for war from numerous sides and the few who desire to stop it. The flick is written in a mocking tone that's delightfully directed by Armando Iannucci. The funny part is I can see George W. Bush starting the Irag War as haphazardly as this movie portrays, so perhaps it is also based on a true story. Wonderfully acted from an ensemble cast that includes Steve Coogan, James Gandolfini and Mimi Kennedy. A delightful treat that will be better the more you watch it.

Ross H (ca) wrote: Um, well this was different...but not in a good way. Weird movie about a private school (you know the kind in movies, where every kid's parents are ultra rich) and the kids who go to them. Some of these kids are pretty screwed up and basically the filmmaker (Antonio Campos in his first full length film) focuses on one individual named Robert (Ezra Miller). He is doing a school video project where he is filming inside the school. It is there when one day as he is filming the hallways when two girls come out of a room screaming and bloody, falling to the floor. We later learn that it is the two twins that go to the school that were in the film. Also we learn later about their demise. But mainly the focus is on Robert and his connection with the internet (about what he is viewing) and his disconnection with people around him. He befriends a girl (Addison Timlin) named Amy who becomes his coworker on the film which becomes a tribute to the two twins later on. A slow moving film with nothing really anything that interesting going on in it. Also the director has this annoying habit of framing a lot of scenes where you will see a part of the character who's talking or will focus on a part of the character's body when he should be the main focus of the story! Don't give me stupid framing shots, if you want to do something different with a camera that's okay but frame the movie so I can care about what's going on. Another thing is that there is hardly any character that's really likable in the film, there's nobody that you're really rooting for and that's too bad as well. For me not a great start for a career. But you check it out and let me know what you think.

Donna L (nl) wrote: At first I didn't think I'd watch it all but I found myself interested in it. The ending made me laugh.

August S (fr) wrote: Beautifully calm yet tragic, this poignant and honest drama about the life of a genius painter was intensely inspirational and saddening at the same time. Yolande Moreau captured Seraphine Louis with her superb performance, and the Cold War setting was enthralling and gave the film further depth.

Jally J (ca) wrote: second part is better, this is presequal...better to watch second, and after this one

Stephen O (ag) wrote: Do not watch if your easily upset. But what an amazingly powerful film

Tanner S (fr) wrote: That is so really humiliating.

Peter V (fr) wrote: After watching this slow, boring movie I wanted to scalp myself.

Anna B (jp) wrote: In some ways this is more entertaining than the film itself. The lack of Kinski is disappointing, though we did get a lot of that in "My Best Fiend".

David A (gb) wrote: Beautifully choreographed, "West Side Story" delivered a story that enhances and improves on the story of Romeo and Juliet. Yes, some of the acting is a bit over the top, but it's based on a play so it has to follow its footsteps. The songs were great, catchy, and powerfully impacted the overall of the story. This is a fun, tragic tale that will stay in your heart for the rest of your life.

Benji G (ca) wrote: While not one of Hawks' best, it's still thoroughly entertaining

F B (jp) wrote: A good film apart from the irritating religious preaching goody goody undertones of the story.