Dynamite Fighters

Dynamite Fighters

Action film about Chinese resistance after Japanese invasion in 1930's

Michelle Yeoh stars in this rousing action adventure in the tradition of "Raiders of the Lost Ark." Michelle is a daredevil airplane pilot/spy who fights against the occupying Japanese forces in World War II China. Her latest, toughest mission: To rescue the ruler of the city of Kaal from the hands of a ruthless Japanese general (Matsui Tetsuya) and his advancing army. Filled with extraordinary fights and Michelle's trademark stunts (including her use of a bullwhip in the style of Indiana Jones) and literally nonstop action, Magnificent Warriors is one magnificent crowd-pleaser for everyone! . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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scott s (kr) wrote: Ingenious movie about a movie about the making of a movie about/for/of the moon landing. Starts out light and funny and becomes something totally different. Well worth your time.

Jerry W (jp) wrote: I know some 'CRITICS" panned this, I must disagree, it really worked for me on many levels and every performance rewarded me, then again I'm no critic. Good date movie, or as I see it myself, pizza and a pint of creamy love and wait for my cheeks to get soore. It's not trying to be the Biggest, Baddest, Hippest movie, no it is way more humble and un-ironic in its sentiment. Give me more Katie and Andrew, more, more more please. Same goes for Sam and Brock.Cheers -jw

Meaghan M (kr) wrote: This is a really cute movie with a great cast. As a side note, Martin Freeman's smile in this movie is really creepy and off-putting.

Garth A (ca) wrote: Quirky, slight, light and delightful.

Aisha S (es) wrote: Loved it! such sweet yet sad story!

Howie B (gb) wrote: Any film that has moved you is mostly because of the writer. Highly recommended!

Chloe C (au) wrote: i wish the characters were more developed because the cast was great! i loved the romance between Pena and Chianese :) the feeling of isolation in the city was believable.

Ryan K (it) wrote: All films aren't meant to be nice and cute - this one is quite dark actually, but truthfully shows the harshness of life. Steve Zahn gives an incredible performance!

Sma A (ag) wrote: Another must see for any lesbian.

Nikhil M (kr) wrote: My first Steven Seagal film and that too a very bad experience. The main problem with this movie is its script and its character development. A bad movie to start his filmography.

tom l (ru) wrote: was enertaining when i was eight, for some reason i don't think it stands the test of time

Michelle S (us) wrote: This was so sad. really heavy stuff for kids.

Simon M (de) wrote: Great atmosphere and the new bluray looks fantastic. Cushing and Lee are always a great combo.

Justin B (jp) wrote: Christina Lindberg is as mesmerizing as ever and there is a weird retro charm but... yeah... that's it.

Samantha S (br) wrote: Amazing movie, the birth of the "angry young man". Albert Finney was amazing.

Dorothy H (ca) wrote: What a great movie. I love the fact that he stuck up for what he believed in no matter who or what told him he was crazy. I loved his dedication to his new friend and the fact that he didn't care about how different the Who's were they were still people and thats what all that matterd. Kind of reminds me of this country and how we are so ready to call someone crazy and do mean things to them. i would have to say those monkey things were a bit disturbing and the kangaroo was an absolute bitch. but watch the movie its cute if you like cute movies.

Jamie C (it) wrote: Brilliantly funny comedy Sean and Paul play their parts well but I must admit it's Bobb'e J that shines in this film he's really funny and cocky.