È nata una star?

È nata una star?


Plot: Marco, a shy teenager, discovers that he has what it takes to be the perfect porn star. There is only one difficulty: how does he explain this to his parents? While Marco is still thinking about how to break the news, an (anonymous) neighbor discovers a porn tape with him as a star and leaves a note in his parents’ mailbox. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Patricia H (de) wrote: I was expected good times with an evil dummy going on a killing spree, and what do I get? A mostly nice dummy who saves children from molestation, and some incest. Bah.

John Z (de) wrote: I saw this once 10 years ago, but I still think about it at times. Every scene gives you time to reflect on why...

DebTom K (jp) wrote: I find this film hilarious and while I'm not surprised to find that everyone doesn't share my view I can't understand all the negativity. Cage, Carvey and Lovitz are fantastic together and while the interplay between them never reaches the eye-rolling extreme of the original stooges, they make a very entertaining team. Carvey is a brain-addled kleptomanic, Lovitz is the habitual liar both enjoying an early parole due to overcrowding in the state pen. Cage is the hapless brother who's trying to make sense of it all while keeping his brothers out of trouble. Toss in a great support performance by Florence Stanley as mother of the Firpo brothers and you've got a lot of laughs. It's a great holiday film with a nice message at the end and a lot of laughs in the middle. My only caution is for younger audiences due to some rude language.

Paul M (br) wrote: I was expecting a wierd gore fest I got a weird soft core porn with digital fogging. Some memorable moments but overall quite a disappointment.

Abby T (kr) wrote: Love Ryan Kwanten, but this was definitely below his paygrade. It started off slow and the pace didn't pick up much.

JT K (br) wrote: This movie doesn't have an original idea in its head (and telegraphs its ending within the first 5 minutes), but is and excellent example that skill in filmmaking can create serious tension. I'd like to see what the director can do with a more original idea/story. It'll get you skin crawling, that's for sure.

john b (it) wrote: Nothing particularly amazing happens in Warlock, but it has just the right mix suspense and horror while not taking itself too seriously. All three lead performances are spot on, and that makes a few immplausable and unexplained events forgivable. Ultimately, Warlock succeeds because of one reason: it's fun.