Early Spring Story

Early Spring Story

A university student Hitomi falls in love with a middle-aged man Okawa, who was the lover of her deceased mother. Hitomi's feelings shift back and forth as she is not sure whether it is true love or just a realization of her mother's romantic dream...

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:96 minutes
  • Release:1985
  • Language:Japanese
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:based on novel,  

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Dwayne W (gb) wrote: For the Pete Rose fan, the Cincinnati Reds fan, or just a fan of baseball in general, this film is to be seen. I enjoyed it because it was about those three things, Pete, the Reds and baseball. No Jim Gray, no Bart Giamatti, no Dowd Report....just Pete, Pete & more Pete. It was good to see Rose laughing and having fun as I remembered Pete always was. Made me feel good again. I hope Bud Selig would sit down and watch 4192 and see how much Pete means to baseball and the fans of the game.

Yadira T (fr) wrote: I like how they rope and I like corbin bleu especially when he has his hair tied back lol.

Lesley N (de) wrote: I knew nothing about this film before I watched it (rare in itself) and not a whole heap more after it had finished. I don't speak Japanese, so even the title gave nothing away. It's a slow film, a mood piece I guess about the aftermath of a young woman and her child's lives after her partner commits suicide.. Not a lot happens but its very lovely to look at and watchable in a subtle kind of way.

Mario J (ag) wrote: These are actually two movies in one if I'm concerned. The first half is very good, narative and interesting, beautiful. The second part is all that except that it makes no sense. Actually it makes a very blunt sense of the cultural gap, but that is so obvious that it made me almost uncomfortable to sit and watch the last 45 minutes trying to explain the differences in old and modern Mongolia in every possible twisted "Nikita Mikhalkov" way. Having said that, the movie is by no means bad. It is relaxing and pleasing to watch it even if it deverges towards the end. It has great acting, great music, cinematography, beautiful landscapes, great emotion expression and subtle yet fantastic character development.

Andrew H (kr) wrote: A very quick moving and action filled war film, with individual, likeable and easy to follow characters. The action special effects are not excellent but for the time they are very good. The action scenes, of which there are a good few in the film, are well edited and very well filmed, especially the last action scene. The story itself is good, straightforward and very enjoyable, although it does leave a question unanswered at the end of the film. The acting from the principle star Cliff Robertson is good as his style of acting has to change because the attitude of his character changes. For most of the film he plays the happy go lucky, 'accept it as it comes' Wing Commander. Then the attitude of the character changes to and that's when Robertson's acting talent really shows! George Chakiris' acting however seems very wooden throughout the film and doesn't really do anything; he delivers his dialogue in the same manner each time regardless of what mannerism effect the dialogue is meant to have. The last point is the theme music for the film, which is quick and dramatic music, which suits the film, especially when it is played during the action sequences! Overall a very enjoyable war film, which is very fast moving, has good action scenes, good characters and a good story. The acting by the two main stars is very good by one (Robertson) but seemed wooden by the other (Chakiris). The theme music fits the film exceptionally well.

Felicia E (nl) wrote: Movie was ok but a good concept.

Mera L (ca) wrote: We know the story, we might suspect the ending, but we love the originality of the scenes that is carrying the story to its end. Oh, and you will want to listen to the theme song over and over again.

Taija H (us) wrote: Aika erilainen sci-fi. Alku oli todella lupaava, vhintnkin neljn thden ainesta. Nautin elokuvan visuaalisuudesta ja tunnelmasta. Juonikin tuntui kiinnostavalta, ja nyttelijt olivat huipputasoa (Robin Wright ikn kuin omana (kauniina) itsenn, sek iki-ihana Harvey Keitel). Toinen puoli elokuvaa oli animaatiota, aika erikoista sellaista. Tst hallusinaatiojaksosta en niin pitnyt, se meni yli ymmrryksen, ja samalla punainen lanka nyttelijn ammatin harjoittamisestakin hvisi jonnekin. Plussaa hassuista yksityiskohdista sek hulvattomista piirroshahmoista kuten Tom Cruise, Michael Jackson ja Grace Jones sek tutuista paikoista, kuten Tempelhofin hieno lentokentt (piirrettyn).Elokuva perustui kai kirjaan, joten se ehk selitt lopun sekavuuden. Elokuvana tarina olisi toiminut paremmin, jos piirrosjakso olisi ollut lyhyempi, ja tarinassa paremmin pitydytty ikntyvn nyttellijn haasteisiin tyelmss. Jtetty hallusinaatiot vhemmlle. Mutta tmhn olikin sci-fi.