Tens of millennia ago, eight gods who ceaselessly fought each other were exiled to earth. For generations, they have been reincarnated as mere mortals, and they won't be allowed back to heaven until they've learned to coexist in harmony. Then in today's Hong Kong, a mortuary beautician and her has-been singer dad are chased for a huge sum of money they don't owe. Turns out her materialistic stepmom has taken a tycoon's advance payment on the false promise of organizing a concert that she can't deliver. The family is therefore forced to go on the run, and along the way they meet an assortment of quirky people, including a mute baker, a kung fu cab driver, an aspiring musician and her crafty sidekick. Through a series of comic misadventures, the seven of them come to realize that they used to be gods and have a mission in this life, but...who is the eighth god that has yet to rejoin them?

Elva and Sammy are on a journey - to Neverland. When their parents are killed in a tragic accident, Elva and Sammy run away from home; heading East to find a better life. But things don't go to plan and soon they're in need of help. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


East torrent reviews

Scott S (fr) wrote: What a terrible movie. I cant wait to see the sequel.

bill s (kr) wrote: I love me some period piece movies....not this bunch ego drivel.but some.

Adam R (ca) wrote: (First and only viewing - Summer 2008)

Ian L (de) wrote: You life is not complete if you have not yet seen this movie

matthew b (kr) wrote: This film is a must by for kung-fu lovers as it has nice action with some comedy and is over flowing with blood. Jet Li has becomed a star for me.

intuciic (ru) wrote: supersweeet romantic movie!

Josh M (it) wrote: A cheesy video game adaptation that is lazily put together with crappy acting and choppy computer-generated imagery. This does not do the video game any justice and might turn away any new comers.

Ed Fucking H (mx) wrote: If your somebody who thinks that Cannibal Holocaust would have been a better movie, if almost nothing had happened in it, then this one's for you! At only 82 minutes this film feels endless. All characters are worthy of your hate. Script is generic and pales in comparison to Cannibal Holocaust (or any of the other Cannibal greats for that matter). I could go on but I don't care to. There is little good to say about this one. Their hearts seemed to be in the right place but unfortunantly they brought nothing new to the table. Easily passable.