East of Berlin

East of Berlin


Eric, a brilliant young German officer, is transfered back to Berlin.His superior officer tells him about his new assignment on the Russian front and then invites him to a luxurious villa. Gathered in the mansion are the most beautiful women: the army's special services could enroll for the pleasure of its returning heroes.Eric is stupefied to recognize Renata among the women, who are all ready and willing to make love with any officer present. Not many years ago, while still students, Renata and Eric had been very much in love. After making love in a room put at their disposal, Renata tells him that she had no choice but to accept joining the army as an official camp follower: her father's survival depended on it. The following morning, Renata leaves in a special women's convoy for Eastern frontwhere they are scheduled to entertain hard-pressed officers and men. Will Eric and Renata's love survive those adventures? . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Yoshi S (fr) wrote: It was a good movie, but not better than War Room... First movie was too long. Story was too much. and I didn't feel strong and powerful message of God and Jesus. I understood they tried to tell about God and Jesus, but they failed it... I think they couldn't tell their courageous message completely... But some jokes were really funny. Director Alex Kendrick's brother and producer/co-writer Stephen Kendrick played Adam and he did nice performance. Anyway you don't need to see it, watch War Room! That's all...

Paul N (br) wrote: Bizarre little noir picture, with the fun factor of watching Alan Rickman and Emma Thompson playing bickering police detectives -- with American accents! (And the excellent Carla Gugino in various states of undress certainly doesn't hurt.)

William R (nl) wrote: Good enough for it's target audience but it's all seen it before done it before

Pia K (gb) wrote: Elokuvalla oli hauskat hetkens... ;) (Suom. Miehen mieli)

sloopy c (de) wrote: I have never seen any other stories about their relationship so I have nothing to compare this to and I am not sure how accurate the details are. That being said I think this was well done and it certainly portrayed a commited, loving couple despite the incredibly difficult problems attatched to their connection. It was simply accepted that the truth was never to be addressed even by family, even by his own children who it appeared hardly ever called him papa. I can only imagine the social consequences of that time. It proves they were two very strong individuals who chose to be together even if it meant giving up their rights to be married and accepted by everyone. Good performances by all.

Matthew M (br) wrote: I can't believe I watched the whole thing.

Frank D (ag) wrote: It is not like a fine wine. This movie does not age well. At the time, I liked the movie. Years come and go, this movie does not sit well with me. Still cute, not a masterpiece. A pithy look at the underbelly of the legal system, it's just a travesty. Could have been better.

Greg W (ag) wrote: getsa a star 4 supporting cast here they r gr8!

Erin W (it) wrote: So I love <3 Michael Landon-just not this movie. I saw it and was not impressed, glad he found his niche as a director and tv actor. Bonanza is one of my favorites.