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EastEnd torrent reviews

David R (br) wrote: Magnfica pelcula que cuenta la historia de un perdedor, y refleja claramente la hipocresa innata en el pueblo americano.

Laimis Z (kr) wrote: its promising but continuously disappointing. russian horror film. cinematography is worth noting. but 2h of rapid editing and shaky camera does not always work. how can u be scared of sth that u NEVER see? u just cant. has its moments but its way too long.

Scot C (kr) wrote: Entirely set in Venice Beach, LA. A Christmas film that doesn't feature snow, & it's brilliant! I've seen it a few times, and I'll watch it a few more. A Christmas comedy classic!

John B (ag) wrote: Frickin' good. Too bad that many others that I know have not even heard of the film let alone seeing it. A true gem from Neeson.

Rose V (kr) wrote: Buen caso de Alan Dershowitz, pero la narracin est floja, floja!

Jacob G (us) wrote: Let me just say that Tom Conti does a fabulous job as Mr. Lawrence. David Bowie is better than expected as Jack Celliers. Some nice dry humor help off-set achingly painful POW conditions. This is not a movie of action but, instead, conversation. The problem is that the spoken language juggles in between Japanese and English--and the blu-ray I watched only gave English subs for the Japanese. Which is a shame because the English is heavily British or obscured by chopped Japanese accents, making it hard to make out. I'd love to see this sometime with full subtitles so I could pick up on everything I missed.Still, even while missing a large percentage of dialogue, the general story shines through. I find it very interesting that a Japanese director decided to do this film and depict his country the way he does. If an American director ever did a film which showed Americans treating POWS poorly, there would be all kinds of outcry. I had to double check to make sure it wasn't an American director. Nope.

Scott R (nl) wrote: A great American existential comedy.

Sean C (ru) wrote: I think this is the first cross franchise movie that would be the inspiration for countless bad ideas, culminating lately with Freddy Vs. Jason. It's very one-dimensional and contains terrible acting. Lon Chaney is whiney as hell throughout and Bela Lugosi gets a pretty small role as the monster. This more a sequel to The Wolf Man than Frankenstein.

Dianna D (ru) wrote: Original story, breakthrough performances

Doctor S (nl) wrote: Superb spy action comedy with director Robinson getting all parts clicking like a key turning tumblers in a lock. Robert Redford in top form as reformed hacker leading a top flight cast including Sidney Poitier and Ben Kingsley. Great moments of unraveling mysteries and filled with quality gags that don't undermine the suspense. Most action comedies tilt too heavily one way or the other but Sneakers finds the perfect balance from start to finish.