Eastern Plays

Eastern Plays

Two estranged brothers are brought together when they have opposite roles in a racist beating: while Georgi who's recently joined a neo-nazi group participates in the violence, Hristo witnesses and rescues a Turkish family. Georgi, now being asked to participate in larger events, starts to question his implication in the movement and Hristo wonders if the beautiful Turkish girl he saved could be his ticket out of his sad life in Sofia. Only by reuniting will the two brothers be able to assess what they really want from life.

Through Georgi (a juvenile) and Itso (an adult), we take a quick glance (about one and a half hour quick) at what happens in post cold-war Bulgaria. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Steven G (ru) wrote: In times as nationally and culturally turbulent as these, it'd do plenty good to revisit a film as beautifully and sincerely patriotic as Moscow on the Hudson. Robin Williams plays Vladimir Ivanoff in a role that sees him at his most unabashedly sweet and likable, which in lesser hands would undoubtedly result in a kitschy exercise in biased and sappy pro-America propaganda. Truth is though, Paul Mazursky's wonderful film is an honest examination of the values, liberties, and truths of American life from the eyes of an outsider, and the struggles that lead to them abandoning their own country and family in pursuit of the promises they represent. There is also a touching love story at the heart of it all which honestly shows the conflicts inherent in inter-cultural relationships. Moscow on the Hudson is a remarkable effort that ranks among Williams best.

Sergio M (ru) wrote: i loved this movie, with all its bleakness and scandinavian rural dreaminess. it's one of these films where you are not really sure what's happening. or, rather, you think you know what's happening and then you find yourself 5 minutes later thinking "has that just happened?". beautiful, lyrical and grim.

Alec B (mx) wrote: Its significantly different than the original stage production (on top of several plot changes, the movie forgets its a musical for much of of the middle section) but that doesn't matter because the film is just delightful. Russell and Monroe make for a fabulous comedic duo, I don't think any other pair of women from 1953 would have managed to be as charming, hilarious, and sexy as these two.

Michael M (jp) wrote: Brilliant film. It really had me engaged from the second the opening credits ended until the end credits started.

Seychelle G (de) wrote: Did not like the ending, as the film felt incomplete.

Gav R (mx) wrote: can't get why idiots don't mark this higher? babadook was shite in comparison