Easy Rider: The Ride Back

Easy Rider: The Ride Back

In this revisionist drama, the film delves into the family lineage of Wyatt Williams, the character made famous by Peter Fonda in the original Easy Rider Movie. Centering around the Williams family, and their internal family struggles throughout the eras of the 40's to present day, as they struggle to connect with one another through the only way they know how. Their love of motorcycles and the freedom of the ride.

In this revisionist drama, the film delves into the family lineage of Wyatt Williams, the character made famous by Peter Fonda in the original Easy Rider Movie. Centering around the ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Iris L (mx) wrote: This is an awesome edge of your seat thriller, which raises lots of moral issues, about negotiation with terrorist, and role of the media. Ha Jung-woo in a practically one-man-show delivers a stellar performance.

Atharsh T (nl) wrote: bestt movie ever....

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Timothy H (nl) wrote: this is like dr Doolittle mix with the 40 year old virgin it's very funny and I love animals especially movies that have animals.

Melanie K (jp) wrote: ...or: it's lethal playing hide and seek with the wrong persons... Dark, gritty, edgy, thrilling...and really really good! "New Town Killers" is one of those movies that manages to keep the tension of the plot and the atmosphere up until the very end! One of the most creepy and thrilling (though not brilliant) films I've seen in a while, "New Town Killers" benefits from some outstanding performances, especially by Dougray Scott, who is so incredibly evil and menacing in this movie! Wow! He is amazing in playing the 'bad guy', which he already proved in "Mission Impossible II". His presence on screen is brooding and claustrophobic, a real tour de force as a messed-up soul with some rather strange habits and preferences - and the rest of the cast more than stands up to be counted alongside him. This certainly compensates for the modest budget and some not so convincing plot elements here and there. Anyway, the director's edgy, jumpy camera style simply adds to the tension, and by the end of the film, it is quite possible that you have clammy hands and find yourself short of breath as a result of feeling you are IN the movie. Very recommendable well-paced chase film!

Armando B (au) wrote: Nice try... Although the production design is carefully done and the setting is somewhat original, the plot is simple and the acting is wooden and uninspiring. Still, it's proof that good movies can be made outside of Hollywood, so it gets an extra half star for that.

Jim P (au) wrote: Bonus points for coming up with a unique and clever - if somewhat questionable - apocalyptic scenario, and extra bonus points for avoiding the usual cliches that come with an apocalyptic film. The first act lacks direction, but once the story is rolling we end up with a pleasant and ultimately very fulfilling and optimistic tale. Well worth watching.

Siew M (gb) wrote: Longtime marrieds Nolte and Christie have hit an emotional roadblock. Meanwhile, businessman Miller has given his young, beautiful albeit annoying wife the cold shoulder - leaving her vulnerable to the charms of Nolte. Dense, slow, not entirely satisfying, but Christie is impressive as a woman who's drowning in sorrow.

John A (gb) wrote: Michael Dudikoff & David Bradley return for the final chapter in the series (a film was released under the name American Ninja V, it's not a sequel or has anything to do with this series). This installment has probably the most beleiveable plots of all the films but its stronger plot doesn't improve the film itself. A slower pace becoming more of a thriller than a straight foward action flick, a better script than the previous installment and it seems better produced despite this being released during The Cannon Group's final years. It's an enjoyable film that sits close to the first two installments, it's definitely an improvement on Blood Hunt.

Nancy R (jp) wrote: I watched this movie a long long time ago. Sergei Einsenstein made this documentary about Mexico. Its a jewel.

Stephen C (kr) wrote: The term Film Noir is not something you would expect to associate with a film made by Rank in the late 1950s.But director Cy Endfield and leading man Stanley Baker give us just that a lean and tough thriller about a group of hardened truck driver.Baker plays Tom Yateley a man with a criminal past who comes to work for a trucking firm where speed and danger are all part of the job.Yateley incurrs the wraith of Red the companies best driver and is torn between his new friend Gino played by Herbert Lom and Ginios girl friend Lucy played by Peggy Cummings.At first Yateley stays in the shadows determined to break Reds record of 18 loads a day ,but he is soon drwan into a dangerous world of murder and corruption that will pit him not only against Red but his boss Cartley.The film has a nice ruthless streak running through it which makes it even more of a wonder that the home of the Carry On and Doctor films gave it the green light.The film made Stanley Baker as an actor and he would go on to work with Endfield on the classic Zulu.The supporting cast has some familliar faces too witha yound Sean Connery and Sid James playing the Hell Drivers of the title. The driving sequences are pretty hairaising and the finale is packed with excitement.The kind of film they just dont make anymore,which is a shame as its a real tough classic.