Easy Skanking

Easy Skanking

Kalle, who is studying at the university, and his friend Agger eventually loses some hash that originally belongs to Paten (Abbreviation for "psykopaten", "the psychopath"). However, ...

Kalle, a nice middleclass kid, who because of a debt and old friendship ends up as a 'fidibus', a gofer, for the hash baron Paten. But only until Paten is anything but innocently jailed and asks Kalle to mind the store while he is gone. No one touches Paten's money, Paten's car or, least of all, Paten's girl, Saby, who is dumber than water. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Maggie S (jp) wrote: I deliberately give only 3 stars (this is very 'low' for me). There are many repeated scenes which made me rather bored. BUT, much more importantly, its too much (or I might say 'only') focus on the potential terrorist attacks is just in danger of covering up the problem of nuclear power in the first place (including nuclear power plants). To make matters worse, with respect to nuclear power plants, the organisation endorsing this film only said in the post-screening Q&A that the security of the plants needs to be strengthened (because they only worry about terrorist attacks). Have they not heard about Fukushima!? Is it OK if the danger is not an immediate/instant one?? The distinction between dangerous nuclear weapons and 'safe' nuclear power plants is such an outdated idea. Maybe it's too much for them to campaign for zero nuclear power plants in the US (Americans are often not as 'critical' as the British/Europeans), but nuclear power plants have been promoted precisely because it is allegedly considered to be emitting no CO2 (which is a lie) ... so the two issues are really difficult ones to deal with together, actually. Since this filmmaker produced An Inconvenient Truth too, and seems very proud of it, I can't help suspecting that they don't really want to commit themselves to tackling the problems seriously (well, I wasn't expecting much anyway).

Lyla R (ru) wrote: didn't really like this, i only watched it for hilary duff and wowww sexy

Will H (nl) wrote: I never saw this film, but i did attend the premire in Daphne AL where i met Mark Harmon.

Jonathan S (us) wrote: Apply directly to the forehead?

Suvi K (nl) wrote: So bad it makes you laugh. This movie's got more nudity than I've seen in a while. Sadly, it doesn't distract from the badness of it all. Does make you giggle, though. As do the terrible lines. Cage's fake mullet casanova-wetf-look is ridiculous. Especially with the thinning hair. Poor thing

bill s (es) wrote: Just do not accept this call....HORRIBLE.

Kris V (de) wrote: Surreal and arty Japanese new wave movie, about a blind sculptor and his mother kidnapping a model for his clay models . Very original and atmospheric.

Daniel L (us) wrote: Bergman's most religiously explicit film, and his most autobiographical.

Frances H (br) wrote: Cute rom com that had more than a few belly laughs, and a great supporting cast, especially Zooey Deschanel.

Gabriel K (de) wrote: A well crafted horror thriller. The cinematography is excellent, creating convincingly dreary atmosphere, and the acting is also very good. It felt as though the story could have been developed a little more, but still, kudos to first-time director for making an engaging thriller.

Olivier B (au) wrote: This movie kicks ass very often. There are a lot of hit a miss gags but as a whole, it's an hilarious comedy-horror.