Easy to Wed

Easy to Wed

A spiffy remake of the screwball classic Libeled Lady, with Esther as the lady libeled. Van Johnson, Keenan Wynn and Lucille Ball round out a funny four-sided love triangle.

To prevent a libel case against the paper, a reporter tries to compromise the reputation of a tycoon's slandered daughter. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Easy to Wed torrent reviews

Jacob R (fr) wrote: Wants to be a Sharknado or The Room and be so bad its good but ends up being completely intolerable.

Cairo M (mx) wrote: Terrible movie, terrible writing and worst of all Sophie's acting is atrocious. Would not recommend.

Nick H (mx) wrote: Great story, with some nice twists and turns that make the end something worthwhile.

JR M (kr) wrote: Better than "100 Days"

Jon H (gb) wrote: This was an interesting documentary, but to be honest I thought it got a bit repetitive and lacked a strong narrative drive... also, I realized that I actually find at least 50% of the songs in A Chorus Line irritating.

Queenella K (es) wrote: the flash backs gives me the suspense...

Christian C (ag) wrote: Awful action; worse script. Shallow characters no one could believe or care about. I just wanted to grab the reigns and ride Flicka full-trot to the glue factory. A total waste of time. I was mostly offended by the immoral message imparted to children which seems to approve sassing their parents.

Aasma k (it) wrote: its vvvvv gooddd film

Alec B (it) wrote: i love all the airbud movies! especially since i had a golden retriever as a child named bear.

Jason E (au) wrote: I love the premise, and Gwyneth Paltrow executes the brilliant-maybe-crazy role really well.

sab p (it) wrote: I can't decide which film I like better: Leon or Nikita? What I can say is that Besson is now one of my favourite directors.

Greg W (ag) wrote: awesome well crafted thriller

Joel R (kr) wrote: Well-done mystery-slasher with an early appearance by a young Brooke Shields.

Timm S (us) wrote: Philosophic In Small Moments Of Script Writing With Potential, The Story Is Otherwise Boring & Mediocre. The Violence Is Blatant & Not Subtly Done So It Eventually Turned Me Off. The Ending Is Farcical & Shows The Overall Haphazard Production.