A man eats a single mushroom very, very slowly for the duration of the film. He is filmed (mostly in focus) with a stationary camera... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Eat torrent reviews

Bavner D (kr) wrote: Yang paling membahagiakan, kisah film ini tidak hanya berusaha untuk memberikan pemecahan solusi, tetapi juga memberikan sebuah jawaban bagi tokoh utama film ini. Tetapi ingat, setiap perpisahan tidak berarti buruk, itu dapat menjadi sebuah awal yang baik, seperti yang ditampilkan film ini.

Aaron M (au) wrote: Lovely to see behind the scenes of the campaign and different sides of Obama and his family. It's pretty straightforward. Good but I expected more, especially with Edward Norton out promoting it.

Sandy K (us) wrote: Lighthearted comedy about fanatical birders, but ultimately about how competition for competition's sake means losing out on what's really important in life.

Josh A (gb) wrote: Lacking the emotional depth that it should have, and failing to deliver whatever its apparent anti-capitalism message is, but an adequate character study

Adam W (au) wrote: not a great movie per se, but an intriguing concept that only fails in its lack of commitment towards a thematic execution. the plot (a woman haunted by the malevolent ghost of her abusive husband ; whom she killed in self defense), is played out as a confused popcorn horror, when it is written to clearly be much different. you can tell that this movie and its script were misunderstood in its direction, as it almost screams to be played as a drama which comments on the emotional clusterfuck that comes with spousal abuse. instead it all seems a bit lost. give it a look and judge for yourselves as to whether im right about it or not :P

Matthew J (ru) wrote: Some sweet jokes but overall not a must-see.

Myisha S (es) wrote: GREAT MOVIE !!!!!!!!!!!!! SCARY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE JAPANESE HORROR!!!!!

J S (ru) wrote: It's good the series ended while it was still good, instead of when it's disliked.

Daniel R (us) wrote: 16 year old teen girl is ignored by everyone around her as they forget her birthday in this adolescent comedy.

Bill B (us) wrote: Crossing another unseen Blaxploitation film off the list, this one was a very pleasant surprise as it covers very different material from other films of the same era. We see a previously meek wife finally start to stand up for herself and her children with their (presumably well meaning) domineering father, and it's a helluva lot of fun.It was well worth tracking this one down, give it a look.

Willow M (es) wrote: Horrible movie. I expected much more because the trailer looked awesome. Starts off great but you quickly lose interest. The movie tries to be complex and deep but fails miserably.

Anson L (jp) wrote: Nothing like a good b-grade thriller.Yes you can predict every twist and turn - but a good cast makes it a rather fun ride.

Irene S (gb) wrote: i am not really into zombie movies but there was something about this one that caught me attention. and overall it was actually pretty good. here is the twist what would happen if the affects of why you actually became a zombie were reversed. if by what nature gives us we actually were able to go back to being humans again. there is some romance.comedy.drama and some disgusting parts (zombie eating brains) but it was still entertaining.