Eating Out: All You Can Eat

Eating Out: All You Can Eat

Tiffani and her friend Casey try to lure the gorgeous Zack with a phony online profile using the image of Tiffani's buff ex, Ryan... which works fine until the real Ryan shows up. Only through some fancy footwork, advice from his Aunt Helen and mentor Harry, and a daring sexual escapade can Casey figure out how to set things right and perhaps even find the love he's been seeking.

A gay Internet connection is made, but entanglements ensue due to hiding behind the name and photo of a straight male stripper who happens to return to the area. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Andrew H (gb) wrote: You won't find many animated stories done better. Great movie.

Gianluca B (it) wrote: Tipicamente Italiano tende lievemente al calligrafio. Buona sceneggiatura e buona realizzazione. Un po' confuso il soggetto.

Paul C (us) wrote: Compared to Van Damme's other recent offerings, this is actually quite decent, with what looks like a reasonable budget too.

Aidan S (au) wrote: The good one this one rocks a 91% by Aidan

Susan M (es) wrote: This documentary opened my eyes. I had watched news of the early days of the Iraq war on CNN (believing that CNN was more balanced than Fox,) and was susceptible to the spin perpetuated by the U.S. military. This film documentary shows the same war from the perspective of people who were there and not under U.S. control. There is a question raised as to whether one specific news event was staged by the U.S. military to get viewer's minds off criticisms, and whether the "accidental" bombing of Al-Jazeera was really an attempt to silence or influence them. One moving aspect of the film is U.S. Marine Josh Rushing, who was the press officer of Central Command, who begins to see the media bias from both sides.

Kaitie C (ag) wrote: I like this but not as much as the original, but still it's cute.

Private U (mx) wrote: Putting aside the fact that Jon Abrahams is very annoying and cant act to save his life, i really got into this film. That was until the end. Wtf? This film didn't so much as end, it just stopped, leaving unfinished sub-plots which turned out to be pointless and all round disappointment. This film could have been great but instead all its good work is destroyed by a misguided end. The good cast is also wasted.

Rachel S (kr) wrote: sounds interesting, and good.

Bill T (mx) wrote: Somewhat of a guity pleasure, although it does take plenty of time for it to get that way, Bad Dreams is about a Cult Camp mass killing survivor who seems to have hallucinations of the leader coming back to "get" her. So here we have Yes, Nightmare on Elm Street mixed in with Final Destination. It's not very good, with plenty of yak yak in the beginning to bore you, but then it gets totally goofy and I enjoyed it for that reason. Nothing else going for it though.

Dark L (es) wrote: Some of the most beautiful cinematography ever.

josh m (nl) wrote: A great sequel, to the well known prevous film Godzilla vs mechagodzilla. Only instead of having a teammate on his side godzilla's enemy has the partner. It has an all-out brawl, with off the chain action. The third best of the 70's Godzilla film is excellent.

Thomas S (ru) wrote: Cool Idea. Great Concept. Enjoyable Movie.And dont forget the Style!

Jill W (nl) wrote: A true love story. ??

Steve G (us) wrote: The Citizen Kane of '80s skateboarding films.Great opening sequence. During it, I thought I died & went to 80s heaven. I mean, one of the characters actually puts on an air guitar show, to an adoring audience!Such a California movie. It's basically West Side Story on boards. Of course it has its typical cheesy flaws, but as far as skateboarding montages go, this film has no peer!Look for an early RHCP appearance.