A self-portrait of Pruska-Oldenhof's childhood and native home in three segments of image, song and text. Images of her birth country are shown as she silently mouths a Polish emigrants' song, followed by a recording of her singing the same song as a child, followed by a text translation of the song into English.

A divorced policeman loses custody of his young son, only to kidnap his boy and retreat to a remote cottage, where his plan soon turns into a nightmare. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Winter B (kr) wrote: How stupid was this? Even the star actor appeared to be laughing while their SUV was being blown through a tractor trailer. Ugh.

Jerry C (es) wrote: A detective has the skills to enter people's dreams to find clues for the investigation of a series of mysterious suicides. Great idea, but flawed and way too slow.

Lafe F (kr) wrote: Hey, it's meant to be a stupid comedy, so slam it as much as you wish! It had me laughing. It's as good as the Three Amigos and Machete, which I consider to be great comedies. There's a fair amount of Mexican, gay, military and toilet jokes in this Farce. I'm a fan of Larry the Cable Guy, though he shares the lead with the two other guys Bill Engvall and DJ Qualls.. The movie moves along at a nice pace. It's great seeing Danny Trejo as the funny badguy Carlos Santana. Nobody really gets hurt in this. I wish Lisa Lampanelli had more screen time as the nagging wife. The songs and musical score are actually quite good. It was fun overall, and I'd watch it again.

Edward B (es) wrote: first saw movie and fell in love than I read the books and realized they butchered it all up. stands alone as a good movie as long as you haven't read the books.

Jeff A (ag) wrote: Bio pics usually bug me - they can be SO formulaic. This one is definitely a cut above. You get a real feel for this fragile and tragic but defiant and beautiful figure that is Edith Piaf. If you can watch her doing her final number "Non, Je Ne Regrette Rien" with a dry eye, you're a better man than me.

Francesco D (jp) wrote: Un'eccezione del cinema italiano, che spicca tra le opere recenti e riesce a raccontare una bella storia in un modo a se'. Colpi di scena e fiato sospeso fino alla fine ne valgono decisamente la pena.

Bobby L P (de) wrote: interesting movie about a gay mans life and what he goes through in life as a black man.

Johnny F (au) wrote: Worst animated movie... EVER!

Ahmed A (gb) wrote: A very cool thriller. I thoroughly enjoyed watching it, even though I watched it 2 times before. It probably needed more polished production and maybe a star to carry it and lift it above 4 stars!

Carlton K (ag) wrote: This movie is fun, fun, fun! Uproarious laughter then shock the next second.

Semmi A (jp) wrote: My Cousin Vinny = awesome movie

Bob W (us) wrote: Simon's parody of whodunit famous detectives gathered together to solve a murder that hasn't happened. All star cast in poor caricatures, not very funny.

Scott C (kr) wrote: Also known as 'Night of the Demon'. I was a bit disappointed in this one after all the high praise I'd heard. There are a few good boo-scares and some of the primitive special effects are cool, but the story is messy and I didn't really like the main character all that much.

Lee C (us) wrote: A movie in constant motion, whether that be crawling, shooting, or a baby carriage rolling down the Odessa Stes. Or masses of an unordered crowd contrasted with the precision of a military rand and file. Or the motions of the red (truly red) in the film. It is in motion continually, but Eisenstein weaves this into the film so that you don't feel the movement, but rather feel the excitement.

Michael S (ru) wrote: My family and I consider this a classic comedy . Filled with laughs and lots of great characters fun for the entire family. Michael Keaton absolutely kills it in the titular roll!

Allison B (us) wrote: THIS MOVIE BLOWS!! Awful. This movie and In the Cut are the worst movies I've ever seen in my life. DO NOT waste your time or money on this movie.