Echo Park

Echo Park

Desperate to jar herself from the rich tedium of picture-perfect Beverly Hills, Sophie moves across town to another world: Echo Park. She quickly strikes up an unexpected connection with Alex, a handsome neighbor and British expat who is reluctantly selling his beloved home to move back to London. As the summer passes, a romance driven by uncertainty compels them to reassess where each belongs.

Two people struggling to find their way in and out of unhappy relationships and unhappy lives| whilst a foreigner to the love equation struggles to comprehend their
love-fueled decisions. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Echo Park torrent reviews

Peter M (gb) wrote: What a great movie! I have no idea why it is rated so low?!

Ma R (au) wrote: An interesting look into the life of a complex man.

Maria Z (nl) wrote: Wonderfully bitter, deeply human and poeticly sensitive...

Robert B (ag) wrote: Santa Sangre (Alexandro Jodorowsky, 1989)[originally posted 3Apr2000]I'm not sure I have the language to describe this film. Room is being made on my 100-best list for it as we speak. [ed. Note: as of this writing-13Aug2013--it sits at #11.] I was stunned, astounded, left with my mouth hanging open. Okay, so I'm usually more fooled by the twist ending than most people, and that may be the case again here, but... wow.Fenix (Jodorowsky's son Axel) is a young man confined to a mental institution after witnessing the gruesome mutilation of his mother, Concha (Blanca Guerra) by his father, Orgo (Guy Stockwell-- yes, he's Dean's brother) after Concha catches Orgo with another woman (Thelma Tixou). After committing the disfigurement, Orgo kills himself. Fenix is witness to all this, and we see it in an extended flashback. As well, Fenix is falling in love with Alma, who's the daughter of the other woman-- and so, when the other woman flees, she takes Alma with her.The present, in movie time, is twelve years afterwards. While on an outing with others from the institution, Fenix happens to see the other woman in a crowd of prostitutes, and the next morning, his mother comes to see him at the institution, and effects his escape. His mother, who is without arms thanks to his father, uses Fenix's arms in order to exact revenge. And it only gets weirder from there.Many people seem to consider Santa Sangre a horror film. I'm not exactly sure why this is. There are elements of the horror film in it, but there are just as many elements of other genres (most notable psychodrama and black comedy, but others as well). In the end, it's pretty much unclassifiable, and that's much of the reason the film works as well as it does; it's impossible to pin down, lending even more to the atmosphere of disjointedness, "otherness," that the events themselves open up.The casting is immaculate, even if it does show the hand of nepotism inherent in Jodorowsky's films. Axel looks like a demented cross between Alexandro himself and Bronson Pinchot, and is at his best when playing his role as "less is more." Jodorowsky has that seemingly rare gift of being able to say more with facial expression than with words, and he does it quite capably here. Guerra, Stockwell, and Tixou all perform exceptionally well. But ultimately, it is Axel Jodorowsky and the stunning Sabrina Dennison-- in her only film role, as the adult Alma-who carry this film.Love it or hate it, it is impossible to walk away from this film unaffected. See it at your earliest opportunity, and go to whatever lengths you need to. It's that good. *****

Casey N (es) wrote: Good Family / Adventure Movie !

Bradley P (br) wrote: One of Bergman's most intimate and personal films, Through A Glass Darkly plays out similar to a play in terms of merely having a few players in each scene, the film consisting of 4 characters in total. The themes tackled here are familiar with those of other Bergman pieces which include religion and relationships among humans in a deeply intimate understanding.

Connor G (fr) wrote: The romance was decent, but was severely outweighed by how racist it came across.

Krupa P (ru) wrote: i love this movie!! i recommend it to everyone! it has such a good storyline, and great characters!

Ben T (ag) wrote: I remember it being sort of fun.

Kan R (au) wrote: 80s movies maybe not my flavor and this movie contains too much tedious scenes.

Anneke R (fr) wrote: A young Al Pacino gives a great performance as a would be bank robber. The reason for the would be robbery surprised me. There were some subtle comedic lines. Overall a great movie.