Ecstasy in Berlin, 1926

Ecstasy in Berlin, 1926

A drug addled fantasy of a mistress and her slave in decadent Weimar era Berlin performing BDSM acts in lush Black and White.

A drug addled fantasy of a mistress and her slave in decadent Weimar era Berlin performing BDSM acts in lush Black and White. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Ecstasy in Berlin, 1926 torrent reviews

Juliano K (fr) wrote: I like his kind of movie, although the ending was kind JUST OK.... I lost a night sleep and do not regret loosing it!!!! cool

Shany S (de) wrote: This movie was a waste of time for. awful. Why nobody told me?!?

Rod H (ru) wrote: A good spy, Dutch resistance, movie about the end of WWII that centered on the efforts to entrap & kill rich Jews trying to escape the final days of German occupied Holland.

David S (us) wrote: Badass martial arts film

David K (es) wrote: A Strong documentary with great social and political commentary. Tells a terrifying story about a group of social outcasts that to this stay is still struggling in Rio de Janeiro.

Anna N (de) wrote: Didn't like the ending.

Nicholas H (au) wrote: good cinematography, with a sense of slow menace!

Matt K (es) wrote: While Oliver Stone's 1987 classic "Wall Street" presents itself as anti-wall street/anti-stockbroker in reality it could be set in any large multinational corporation. The overriding point is the wrongness of corporate greed and the actions of the Gordon Gekkos of this world. Imagine the same (slightly less glamorous) picture being set in modern day amazon - a corporation so large it can afford to lower prices to levels where it makes a loss on products in order to beat competitors and then raise them to monopolistic levels once competitors such as independent book stores have been crushed. As with all films that feature Wall Street and a glamourous life of greed (remember "greed is good") the viewer enjoys watching the young protagonist make more money in a year than others do in a lifetime, however what Stone does expertly is making the viewer feel guilty about thoroughly enjoying the films first act. The best and most personal scenes of the film are those with Charlie and real life father Martin Sheen with the emotional climax being Bud visiting his father in hospital after he suffered a metaphorical heartbreak. The way in which Bud brings down Gekko; through using the tricks that Gekko himself had been using to metaphorically eat up the insects of the business world is the real triumph of the film. Finally we cannot sympathise more with Fox sr. when he says a stint in prison will do his son good, we accept that our protagonist has done wrong and we know he deserves punishment.

Mani B (au) wrote: Love this typical horror film. Poor but entertaining!

Bibit RIP Danny I love you (es) wrote: One of the best native american tales ever

Alejandro E (fr) wrote: Comedy romance in pantomime.Lots of witty,hillarous gags,the box match is for antology

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