From the director of Is It Just Me? comes this sparkling romantic comedy which takes online dating to the extreme! Marshall is an over-worked ad exec who is suffering from a serious case of the seven year itch with his loving boyfriend. As Marshall’s 30th birthday nears he sets hell-bent on changing his life and comes across a mysterious dating app called eCupid which quickly turns his world upside down, overwhelming him sexy guys at every turn! Firing on all cylinders with a sharp script, hot cast and even an extended cameo from Hollywood legend Morgan Fairchild, eCupid will win your heart!

A gay man nearing 30, and in a 7-year relationship rut, taps into an otherworldly Internet ad that starts omnisciently controlling his life. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Faye B (it) wrote: It was confusing. I hated the end. I don't know why he let his wife leave anyways. The lady with the cancer was just stupid like what was she there for? Not a good one and Bruce lee was not looking like that that dude was tacky.

Alexandria H (es) wrote: I understand this movie. The very thought that someone contracted an STD from a dead person is sick and twisted in it"s own way. What throws me off is why isn"t the pervert sick like her? I feel he should have been rotting also. I don"t see this as a zombie movie, I see it as a look into what an STD can possibly do when contracted from perverse behavior. The acting coud have been better, but I don''t feel it was completely bad.

buddy b (fr) wrote: low budget, low concept action fare.

Valerie V (de) wrote: Ok I have to admit the reason I watched this one was because of Kellan Lutz. Yeah he also plays Emmit on the Twilight Saga movies. Over all the movie was not that bad. Some of the special affects could have been better.

Matt B (jp) wrote: Will make you fall in love with sadism all over again.

Jey A (jp) wrote: Aww, but he didn't even say hello...

Reginald R (kr) wrote: [b]Hancock[/b]. It's easy to be somewhat attracted to the simple idea of a superantihero. I can't say Hancock was very good film in any way, but I can't say I expected it to be. I went because I felt like sitting in the theater and spending the day watching some light action-comedy. I got what I was looking for. I have no regrets. [b]The Weather Man[/b]. For whatever reason, I like Nicolas Cage. He has that kind of charisma for me. The Weather Man was of the strifes of a man whose life is at the same time successful and dysfunctional. With a dryly humorous and slyly melancholy pace the film provided decent characters and enough content to keep my attention. [b]Lord of War[/b] worked because of the interesting subject matter and because of Nicolas Cage's personal charisma. Some of the story flew by too half-heartedly but I didn't mind that much. [b]The Bank Job[/b] was your basic bank robbery movie. Nothing wrong with it. I liked it. [b]Once[/b]. This film provided a nice, realistic and relatable love-story, as well as a window into the everyday reality of a striving artist. The film was a musical so the quality of the music has to be taken into consideration as well. The songs worked well to be played by a street musician, but weren't overall anything exceptional. Realism and romance. Francois Truffaut's [b]Antoine et Colette[/b] segment from [b]Love at Twenty[/b]. 7/10. I only got to see Truffaut's part of the film. It was a worthy half an hour addition to the lifestory of the recurring Truffaut character, Antoine Doinel, this time as a young man just on the brink of adulthood.

Joan J (it) wrote: I just watched this movie on Lifetime and is truly the saddest movie I have ever watched and personally I will never watch it again.......

Isaac M (it) wrote: Maniac cop 3 is not as good as 1&2 but still pretty good in its own right. A couple of things kinda bothered me like the need to reuse footage from the first two to fill in the running time.It does however have a bad ass chase scene toward the end of the film. Heres hoping for a Maniac Cop 4! Haha Robert Z'dar is awesome!

Wil S (jp) wrote: A truly aweomse Intergenerational Movie that will make you cry, laugh and most importantly...think! True Intergenerational Relationships do happen, and they last as long if not longer than most normal people's relationships do.

Leong C (mx) wrote: Nice conversational flick, focusing on cabs in 5 different cities around the world...

Jobin B (de) wrote: sweet movie, Michelle Pfeiffer was lovely

Al M (au) wrote: Not great, but I enjoyed it nonetheless. Although, snail attack doesn't make a whole lot of sense to me.

Ajayesh S (ca) wrote: My fav Hindi patriotic flick of all time...has two of the best songs ever..Jo haal dil ka & Hoshwalon ko khabar of the best nazms ever...

Samuel M (ag) wrote: Como siempre, Monsieur Poirot, todo un placer.

Logan D (ru) wrote: This was, well you could say, a movie I was not expecting. The Kingdom of the Spiders was an illegitimate and scientifically incorrect movie from the 1970's. The characters were all stupid including the SCIENTISTS, their moods changed towards the spiders or should I say tarantulas. There were no other kinds of spiders in the movie just your generic tarantula from the pet store. I also found it quite idiotic that the two scientists didn't know how to kill tarantulas and resorted to fire extinguishers which seemed ineffective (Duh?). Anybody who has played Pokmon would realize that bug type is the worst type amongst the 17 types of Pokmon available today! Bugs are all weak against fire, rock, flying, and poison type moves. In my eyes there were only two points in this movie that were actually executed well the first being how the music was in rhythm with the shots of the cow and how they introduced the movie with multiracial actors besides these two parts of the movie the rest was complete... well I can't say. However the main underlying story from my perspective was a cheesy love story about two stupid scientists where they never actually confess that they love each other. Moving on to the spiders, tarantulas are carnivorous beings and rarely ever colonize let alone colonizing in the thousands. The movie doesn't even stop there, oh no, tarantulas prey at night however in this movie not only do they colonize by the thousands they attack during the day. The stupid scientists obviously don't know anything about spiders and the stupid girl sent from the university was supposed to be the best in her field, how about uhhm no... Being that spider's prey during the night why would they go to burn the hill of dirt first of all, at night? Lastly on my rant of this horrid movie TARANTULAS DO NOT SPIN WEBS! Although they have the ability to produce silk why they would all of a sudden use it to spin webs around the entire town and its people? The ending of this movie was so bad it barely deserves to be called an ending, it seemed as though they just forgot to put on in and just decided that the spiders will just take over the town in the end and everyone dies. Never watch this movie, it's for your own well-being.

Julien G (br) wrote: Peckinpah nous a habitue a mieux. Suivant!

Jordan P (ca) wrote: Great villain, great plot flow, lots of fun to watch.

Alan Z (ag) wrote: Saddly remembered as the winner of the Academy Award for Best Picture of 1941over "Citizen Kane". Nobody remembers its beauty, some doesn't even know the movie at all. It is John Ford at his best. The movie has too much texture and power, courage and beauty. A fine tearjerker that makes me sigh and cry for the past. It isn't only a good film, it is a very personal film. It is an authentic portrayal in which Ford involves himself. The movie has humor, drama, romance and an amazing musical score. It is maybe the best movie made by 20th Century Fox and I could say that more than only a picture. The end makes me cry, but not because it is a sad story. It is because its beauty I'm sure will never be accomplished again, only John Ford could make a film as profound and romatic as "How Green Was My Valley". A real masterpiece.

Sharon A (de) wrote: Funny in parts and quite a original story. I think I enjoyed it more the 1st time I watched it, but entertaining neverless