Edward and Caroline

Edward and Caroline

French filmmaker Jacques Becker's Edouard et Caroline has been described as a film without a story. This isn't quite true, though the most memorable aspect of the film is the byplay between the two title characters. Edouard (Daniel Gelin) is a young, headstrong musician. Caroline (Anne Vernon) is his flibbertigibbet spouse. The two quarrel over an evening dress, they separate and then reunite. These farcical proceedings are counterpointed by Becker's naturalistic choice of settings, including Eduoard and Caroline's less-than-fashionable apartment and the prison-like confines of Caroline's uncle's mansion.

Edouard is a pianist| married with Caroline. This evening| they are invited to Claude's. Claude is the snobbish uncle of Caroline| his son Alain (as snobbish as his
father) is in love with Caroline. They spite Edouard a little because he's poor. At the party| Edouard must play the piano to make himself known by Claude's
important acquaintances. But just before leaving| Edouard and Caroline quarrel about clothes| and Edouard goes alone... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Brennen G (us) wrote: As far as acting, it wasn't to convincing at parts. As far as the story line and the concept, it was brilliant! I have a deep respect for soldiers and though war is tragic, it's nice to see acts of mercy and kindness as shown in a couple of parts of this film.

DA Z (gb) wrote: Say what you will about Joe Swanberg, but his written and directorial works are never short of original, vulgarly consuming, or a combination of both. 24 Exposures is no exception, as he works with the great Adam Wingard for a vile and semi-intellectual film concerning photography, depression, and the holy trinity: blood, sex, and gore.

Eric F (ag) wrote: Visual effects aside (since it is a low budget indie film), this movie has great character development and an interesting story that I have not seen before.

Daniel S (gb) wrote: The radio play origins of this dialogue-heavy flick definitely show, for better or worse. That said, while still easily classed as a zombie film, it does bring to the table a whole new type of "zombie" that I can just about guarantee any given viewer will have never seen before. The final third of the film is quite weak (and I have no IDEA what the hell the post-credits stinger was about), but there's enough originality here to warrant a firm recommendation if you want something new.

Brett H (ru) wrote: Abysmal "superhero" movie directed by the artist himself, Frank Miller, that misses every note possible and was a chore to sit through. The cast is entirely lifeless and not one thing they said sounded credible and it was almost always a corny delivery. The character of The Spirit had potential to be cool, but apart from two quick scenes where he's using his abilities, he's mostly a lame, powerless hero who more than once uses snowballs as weapons. The plot is practically non-existant and everyone involved should bow their heads in shame at this dreck! I hope Gabriel Macht had fun making out with all the gorgeous women, because that's all this movie has to offer.

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