Een manier om thuis te komen - Umoja live

Een manier om thuis te komen - Umoja live


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:110 minutes
  • Release:2007
  • Language:Dutch,English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:concert film,  

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Een manier om thuis te komen - Umoja live torrent reviews

Cade H (gb) wrote: This final (for now) chapter in the Children of the Corn series was actually not bad, in comparison to the other Corn movies. It was a very modern horror flick and did a good job of keeping things creepy and bizarre throughout. The premise was very basic and familiar, a couple gets stranded on the side of the road and wanders into a house with a creepy guy where they are trapped. How and why they are trapped is a mystery at first but things are kept very basic. There are no jump scares, not much blood or gore and the "evil" is nothing more then someone telepathically shutting doors and locking windows. The ending is good and the acting is surprisingly decent. There is practically nothing in this film though that stands out as a Corn movie, there is rarely any corn, hardly any kids and without those, does it really belong in this series? If you want to check this series out, watch the original and this final one, all of the middle ones are forgettable.

Tracy F (gb) wrote: This was a cute movie.

Bill B (nl) wrote: This was a film that;d been on my Netfux queue forever, and finally worked its way to the top, so I literally had no recollection of why I'd put it on the list in the first place, but man, what a fun movie. Filled with quirky characters and slick camerawork, this one is well worth tracking down and would be a definite purchase for me in the future.Recommended.

Jordan S (au) wrote: One to watch with the other half. Nice film, nice story.

Matt M (ru) wrote: Film about a Long Island loser, 31-year-old unemployed man who spends most his time getting drunk in the titular watering hole and leading a pathetic non-existance. Buscemi's directorial debut is more a character study than a rewarding story and for this reason it can sometimes seem slow and dull whether by intention or not. The performances are great.

Hayden W (fr) wrote: Swamp thing could use another movie. But this one is still a lot of fun

Jeremy F (it) wrote: Am I gonna get in trouble for this.....Okay, so I liked this movie. A movie that has one of the longest, and most graphic rape scenes of all time within it. Aside from the obvious flaws in the order the rapists were killed off by the vengeful Camile Keaton, Meir Zarchi's writing was a notch above most exploitation films of the time. The acting was also very solid. Helped along by the ever quotable "Suck it, bitch", uttered by Keaton, and the acting promise of Ron Schettler (as Eron Tabor). The atmosphere is very well applied into the film; the inclusion of no soundtrack was a very bold choice, that worked surprisingly well. As far as the scathing reviews given at the time, this movie lives on. It leaves to us one of film's most negatively rejected pieces in history; and even that hasn't stopped people for seeing this film as a decent piece of cinema.

Benjamin D (au) wrote: The best movie I have ever seen. Made in an era when people were kind to each other.

jay n (ca) wrote: Pre-code shenanigans, really quite lurid in its way.

Anthony V (gb) wrote: A great feel of New York in this underrated comedy/drama.