Een vlucht regenwulpen

Een vlucht regenwulpen


Maarten, a bachelor living with his terminally ill mother, is haunted by a nightmare in which God tells him to lose his virginity or die within the week. He desperately tries to lose his ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Lee S (it) wrote: Highly enjoyable genre bending film that deftly manages to juggle light and dark moments. Beautifully shot and cleverly scripted.

Grant S (br) wrote: Very lame and pointless. Avoid.

Bill A (ru) wrote: I guess there's a bit of Michael Scott in Pam after all. A shame that I didn't find out about this movie sooner.

Scott C (jp) wrote: Complete rubbish. One of Ron Howard's worst films.

Jeff B (us) wrote: Decent thriller with a ridiculous ending. Wesley Snipes and Diane Lane are terrific, however, and I've never seen Dennis Miller more at home on the big screen.

Charlie D (it) wrote: Good till the en, not that gory, not that scary but it was kinda what I expected

Erykah T (gb) wrote: In time Justin Timberlake In time The cast was a great group of people but I hate when they killed his mom in the begging but it was kind of boring to meThe story line was okay but I don?t understand why they tried accusing him of murder because what he not the one who was the one who murdered

Samuel Wettstein M (mx) wrote: One of the slowest movies I have ever seen, and not worth waiting for anything. Filled with beyond annoying decisions made by the characters, I spent more time yelling at the screen than I did enjoying it.