Egypt 3D

Egypt 3D

With this publication experience the mysterious mythology of Egypt and be up close during an excavation "live" there. Uncover together with the research team an untouched for centuries tomb and fumble your way bit by bit through her secret with unique 3D shooting.

A look at the pyramids, pharaohs, mummification, the Sphinx, hieroglyphs and gods like never before in this stereoscopic journey in full 3D. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jocey D (ca) wrote: Sweet tale of second chances. You must listen to understand and discover.

Jason P (it) wrote: Two and a half stars until the dude escapes. Then it actually improves dramatically until the stupid typical ending. The girl shoulda listened to her brother...

Samantha R (it) wrote: Watched this movie for Composition 2 and this was one of the first movies that I actually stayed awake for. Regina is a very strange character as well as Ms. Birdie. It's a great watch for those into family conflicts about money.

Mary H (fr) wrote: How did no one tell me about this movie any earlier? Ranks in the top 5 for my favorite vampire movies, my favorite movies about post-communism, my favorite Millennial generation disappointment stories.

Amlia (nl) wrote: really good czech film

Juuso R (gb) wrote: Olipas tss iloisesti erilainen ja hauska romanttinen komedia. Voi osaltaan johtua siit, ett Australia on kovin kiehtova maa muutenkin, mutta oli kyll hauska. :)

Gloria C (us) wrote: loved this movie, it really did show how strong women can be and are, Dana Delany was really the backbone of this movie second from her was Tina Majorino, and Annabeth Gish. It was a long movie but was worth every minute of it..

Lilianetty l (fr) wrote: Money....power...why humans are so blind upon this things? Money dosn't buy happiness not even the power. Is pathetic and stupid. I don't care if I wrote that right or wrong but it really makes me a bit mad. Anyway, Dickens as always makes me wonder if he was a human with open mind since all his stories critique a lot the human society, specially the one in London.Plot: Quilp wants money and looks for ways to get it. The Grandfather and Nell are the new targets of him. Why? Easy: Money. Both escape to get a better life but something will make them take a new path and maybe not a good one. Stars for the story-telling? Yes. A good adaptation? Have read many great reviews and I do not trust so much the ones in youtube since fans obviously are not good to trust lately hehe. Anyway, Dickens did a masterpiece and the script for this one was marvelous.Acting: No doubt the cast was magnific and extraordinary. Sophie as Nell nailed the role and was wonderfully great. Same Derek as Grandfather. Toby as Quilp (first time seeing this actor ACT since he did the voice of my favorite domestic elf, DOBBY) was scary, nasty and absolutly amazing! Gosh what an act! The rest of the cast was magnific as I wrote before. Zoe was great as always (almost screamed when I saw her on the screen Madame Houch or whatever you write that lol). Martin Freeman as puppet master (yes he was a person doing puppet theater) was incredible in his role I even laughed a bit even if I knew his role would evolved to one I would not like that much (people like this character exists and a lot). Anyway, stars for everyone even the extras, crew and director.Music: My tears enjoyed this part. Yes I cried at the very ending. The moral was perfect and the score marvelous. So yes, star for the musicians.To end this review, 4 stars of 5. Enjoy and HASTA LA PROXIMA AMIGOS/AS! CHAO! BLESS YOU ALL!!!

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Jennifer W (ag) wrote: This is my absolute favorite movie ever!!!!! As a kid I loved this movie, now I am a ski patroller and it is still my favorite!

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