Eight Masters

Eight Masters

Rescued from his house as a child and sent to the Shaolin Temple, Chu Shiao Chieh learns the martial arts and the virtues of patience and mercy. Upon reaching manhood, Chu sets out to ...

Shiao Chieh is left to a monastery when his family is killed, and grows up to be an incredible martial artist. He passes a gruelling and weird series of tests, most of which consist of being whacked by bronzemen, and goes out into the material world. He returns to live with his blind mother and his cousin, Ming Chu, who keeps being visited by an older dark stranger. Shiao Chien soon discovers Ming Chu is not really his cousin, but the niece of a man whose earnest wish is to see him die. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Eight Masters torrent reviews

Nicholas S (fr) wrote: instantly forgettable

Nils H (au) wrote: The location is a red light district in Singapore. There are a lot of girls selling their bodies for money. And a lot of guys buying them. And some guys who buy other guys bodies. Instead of a lot of dialogue there are a lot of close up shots so that you can see what is happening yourself. The film is similar to Night Train in this respect. You get to follow a couple of buys and girls somehow connected to this industry. What happends to you when you are a part of it? Can there be any real feelings in a world where love can be bought?

Jessica M (us) wrote: Interesting movie with a good twist in the end. Can't figure out why Randy Quaid's character had to have an Australian accent though, since his character's nationality plays no part in the plot...

Juan M (it) wrote: Definitly one to watch if you are in to CG-ci-fi stuff. I enjoyed, but it could have been better.

Jens L (de) wrote: One of the two better movies of Mr. Costner...

Tanaya B (br) wrote: Amazing film. Beautifully and powerfully constructed. I can see this type of movie isn't for everyone. Brought me to tears. Brilliant.

donnae w (it) wrote: this is the ultimate jamaican love story.

Spookie M (nl) wrote: Criminally underrated! Probably overshadowed by the howling and American werewolf in London which came out around the same time. This is the only horror film Albert Finney did and also the only film other than Woodstock that mike Wadleigh did. The direction is pretty amazing and it is a shame he never did other films. Also this is not a werewolf,movie it's is a b horror with wolves and social commentary. I can't say enough about it go watch!!

Charlie M (es) wrote: Herbies in Rio for one last adventure.

Therese O (ca) wrote: Can I have Catherine Deneuve's coral/diamond earrings, please? Thank you. And her looks/clothes/hair in this film. I'll do anything. You heard me. Anything. OH and if I could only stare into space with a menancing expression whilst wearing ridiculous 70's glasses like Alain Delon, that would be great, too. OH THE FILM! GLORIOUS.

Ryan R (kr) wrote: Another masterpiece by Fellini. This was his first movie to be filmed in color, and it deserved such an honor! This movie is so visually beautiful and near the end terifying! Not for everyone, but for Fellini fans and fans of surrealism you'll find a one of a kind film here.

Daniel M (ag) wrote: Bad acting & dialogue. Music isn't very good either-score is often very uplifting in a corny way. Feels like something made in the 80s/90s