Ein Lied für Argyris

Ein Lied für Argyris


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Sean S (gb) wrote: An embarrassing plot, and a lame excuse for a film, let alone an entry into the Amityville franchise. The CG effects are pathetic and would have required all of five minutes in Flash to make, and the "acting" is utterly terrible. The plot is ridiculously predictable, the dialogue is stilted and poorly delivered and the climax entirely laughable. Avoid at all costs, even if you're an Amityville fan--the connection is all but nonexistent.

Matthew L (it) wrote: Though it features the heart and charm the other Ghibli films had, Poppy Hill is a pretty boring and bland film that you will forget in a pretty short amount of time. However, I did have fun with this movie and wouldn't mind giving it a second viewing.

Vessela D (us) wrote: Nothing special...:(

Juuso L (kr) wrote: Tits and ass in 3D, what's there not to like?

Red L (ca) wrote: 'Life with Father' may be worth watching for a little historical perspective of the late 19th century. I am glad that wasn't my period in life though.

Joseph C (ca) wrote: Part of a duo he did with Scarlett Johansson, the other being the dark and intellectually satisfying Match Point, Scoop, likewise, deals with murder and voices from the beyond. The tenor of the movie, however, could not be more different, and Allen achieves a minor success. Of course, Allen's minor successes are, for me, the equivalent of some film maker's entire oeuvre. I found this delightful -- crisp, intelligent writing, there is also nice construction of suspense and mystery, with the whole thing never taking itself so seriously (cf. Match Point.) The score, as well, peppered with Tchaikovsky's ballet scores and Grieg gives a good indication of the kind of mood he is setting. Johansson does a fantastic feminine Woody Allen impression, Jackman is cool and likable, as any villain should be. I think Allen is experiencing a kind of renaissance of sorts with this new period of films set in England, proving himself again to be one of the finest artists of cinema.