Ek Bar Mooskura Do

Ek Bar Mooskura Do

1972 Bollywood drama from director Ram Mukherjee.

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Caitlin L (ca) wrote: Didn't like the ending. Loved it otherwise. One of my least favorite Nicholas Sparks movie.

Lester Y (de) wrote: Stunning. Everything about it reeks of quaint subtlety. The two main characters don't have a single line of dialogue, and they spend most of the movie breaking into empty houses, making themselves at home, and without spoiling it too much, eventually it delves into some weird supernatural thing. A love story develops, but because of a lack of dialogue it's a bit bizarre, but it also makes each moment peacefully tender. And visually, this movie is absolutely gorgeous.All of these obscure-sounding quirks would easily be annoying and gimmicky, but it's so meaningful, done so tastefully, and so unassuming in its perceived pretentiousness that it becomes the foundation of the movie. I wish there were more movies like this where the narrative is propelled by powerful imagery. A must-see. 9.2/10

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FilmGrinder S (es) wrote: 92% Reminds me of the French director, Jean-Pierre Jeunet's films.

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