Ek Chalis Ki Last Local

Ek Chalis Ki Last Local

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A comic thriller about two people who miss the last local train at 1:40 am and how missing of their train changes their course of life forever. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Dinesh S (ca) wrote: Cacophonous story telling

Raulito V (ru) wrote: He'll no it's scary!!!!

Teshia M (jp) wrote: This movie was horrible! Bad actors and special effects. The story was good but they messed it up with the actors and effects.

Brendan H (ru) wrote: Disappointing followup to "Stone Cold" i have to agree but tackled totally different types of crime and was still good but i thought "Stone Cold" was the best one

Kevin L (it) wrote: Funny movie. Jackie Chan is amazing!

Wayne Z (ag) wrote: I first saw this on TV back in the early '90's and fell in love with it, Japanese culture and it's female lead, the late Carrie Hamilton. Actually she is my main reason for liking this film, but the male lead (Masumi Harukawa) is also very likeable. There are some good songs and some very cheesy songs too. (I own the soundtrack!) This has never had a DVD release which is a real disappointment, and judging by the few fans it has on here most people are unaware of it's existence.

Steve G (ca) wrote: An excellent film noir. Exceptionally well-written.Mitchum's performance was outstanding. He inhabited the character effortlessly. His laconic voice, weary eyes, & conflicted demeanor were pitch-perfect. He shines through in his performance.Though I must admit, I found myself the slightest bit unsatisfied with the conclusion. It too easily brings a total halt to an hour and a half of build-up and suspense. ****SPOILER****Everybody dies. Too convenient in tying the loose ends. It wouldn't have been difficult for either Mitchum or Greer to explain the deaths of Joe or Whit. Or to tie the other two deaths to them. So, in a way, it kind of made that ending unnecessary. If I thought there was no other course of action, then maybe. But everything prior made me believe that the both of them have been more than capable enough to get out of situations.But even neglecting that and remembering that Jeff killed no one & had no reason to continue his involvment with Kathie, who was guilty, it seems that taking a quick bullet from this woman passenger in his car was too easy a way to go. I'd have thought he might have anticipated something considering she had a gun and he probably knew she wouldn't have been happy about seeing the police. His demise was just too quick. It doesn't seem the man that I'd been watching for almost 2 hours would've been so unassumingly blind-sinded. Not a great way to go. And there's just a sense of too much convenience about Kirk Douglas' death. BOOM! It's over. So are all our problems. Ok, let's go. Seemed a little too hurried for such a wonderfully paced film. Only that kind of kept me from fully enjoying it. Otherwise, it was fabulous.

Josh V (fr) wrote: I liked it, a nice twist to a classic tale as old as time

Matthew H (au) wrote: Average entertainment. Easily forgettable, very light, and not that well-done. No one will ever watch this movie more than once. It'll soon get lost in the back everyone's minds.