Ek Cup Chya

Ek Cup Chya

A bus conductor from India and his family struggle to deal with a ridiculously large electricity bill they have been sent by mistake.

Ek Cup Chya is a Marathi film based on the Right to Information (RTI) Act. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Abhishek M (de) wrote: Except those scenes with Akshay Kumar glorified as God and that ridiculous bike scene, a good movie with an excellent story line.

Michael M (ag) wrote: When your entire marketing strategy is based on the fact that a certain gender made a movie, it makes me not want to see that movie. I shouldn't have to be swayed to see something just because it was all made by women.

Judy P (ag) wrote: If there's a movie you shouldn't miss before the end of the year, it's this! It will make you even more confused about the meaning of life, but that's OK.

Chelsea W (au) wrote: Rented it on a whim... but I was looking for something stupid and I got just that, so I can't say I was disappointed. I had no expectations, but was disappointed by the ending...

HelenaErmy V (mx) wrote: apparte che dopo 3 minuti avevo gi capito che...comunque bello. e ansiante. e triste. E fino all'ultimo minuto non si capisce una sega, quindi abbiate pazienza.

Josh S (kr) wrote: Too many subplots really. Starts from a small town girl with a big dream, ends up working in a bar. Then bonds a sisterhood with the other girls. And finds a love in a night club. With a jealous father. It's as cliche as it could be. Then it turns out to be a dream comes true movie with a very happy ending. Oh and the conflict is about breaking up and getting fired.While is energetic. Mostly from the acting. But not so much from the writing. And there are moments. But those moments don't save the whole film. Sadly this is quite a waste of cast.

Oliver Z (kr) wrote: I wouldn't call this film challenging! It is a wonderful, witty look at a family in May '68. Politics, love, sex and summer.

Senor C (ru) wrote: Bronson has to protect Jill Ireland the President's wife. It is a thankless job because she is a bit of a bitch but Bronson handles it like a pro. After an assassination attempt is made on her life they are on the run while Charlie must figure out who the culprit is. After about Death Wish 3 Bronson's films were a little weaker but all in all this isn't bad. Maybe if it didn't have the PG-13 rating it might have been better. I like him better as a mean selfish son of a bitch who guns them down w/ no remorse. Here he is reaching the twilight of his box office draw but he is pretty stealth @ 66. Always a fan liked this movie more because it had Bronson in it. If someone else was cast I probably wouldn't be as forgiving

Chad D (au) wrote: Lacking everything that made the first one so fantastic, Beyond the Poseidon Adventure is not beyond, but behind the great adventure of the original.

drain b (de) wrote: mutated giant ants..sillyshits and giggles, excellent viewing for hanging over on a rainy sunday afternoon...ahhh

John M (au) wrote: Very good movie version of the cult TV series! Jonathan Frid carries the show, combining his unique personality with a genuine sense of being a vampire.

David B (jp) wrote: Watched this while multi tasking and as such it was not too bad as far as one star films go. Nice to see John Saxon and Dennis Hopper in their earlier films and Basil Rathbone in one his last. Curtis Harrington went on to make a couple of classy early 70s horror films with older Hollywood stars in key roles. No sign of any such talented direction in this one though!

Melina J (jp) wrote: Beyonce killed it! Loved the music and the story. Well done all around I think