Ek Hi Bhool

Ek Hi Bhool

Sadhana (Rekha) and Ramkumar (Jeetendra) are a married couple. Their marriage gets into troubled waters when Sadhana starts to suspect that Ramkumar is having an affair. Sadhana does not ...

Sadhana (Rekha) and Ramkumar (Jeetendra) are a married couple. Their marriage gets into troubled waters when Sadhana starts to suspect that Ramkumar is having an affair. Sadhana does not ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Prashast S (au) wrote: If I ask what actually is there in an Action film, can anyone tell me? Of course, the answer would be: Action, violence and intensity. It's also true for the Naga Chaitanya starrer Bezawada, which is full of violence, bloodshed and gore. However, it still entertains at its best.The story is a simple revenge saga that has been heard many times before. Even the music provides nothing much. What the film actually has are a couple of action scenes, a few punch dialogues, as well as some emotional scenes. The background music is very nice. Naga Chaitanya in this action packed role does very well. However,some of his expressions look funny and will leave you laughing even in the most serious scenes. Ajay has a good role and he does it with sincerity. Same for Mukul Dev, who does his part well. Abhimayu Singh once again proves himself. The comedy track of M. S. Narayana and Brahmanandam will leave you laughing. The comedy tracks are perhaps the best one a person can expect in an RGV film.Besides, the film has action, and its good. But coming to violence, it may be like by only a few people. But still due to its cool cinematography,flavour,action and comedy, along with a few emotional tracks, Bezawada becomes watchable.On the whole, Bezawada is an averagely scripted revenge saga, that has nothing much except the action,comedy and few emotional scenes. But if these all are there together, and that too in a proper proportion, why think so much? Just watch it and enjoy!

Brian C (br) wrote: Bad? Terrifying - but surprisingly good production values for such an obviously amateur production, which means SOMEone spent money on it, which, as an artist, gives me hope: Maybe, somewhere out there someone is insane and desperate to throw their wealth away (on me).

Champ S (ru) wrote: The story might be too predictable. We could see the end after about 20 mins into the movie, so we spend the rest of the time simply waiting for the movie to end. But the cave was huge and amazing/

Marko S (kr) wrote: Surprisingly light-hearted and goofy romantic comedy that is "suitable for men" as well.

Alexander C (kr) wrote: Oh this is bloody the bomb. Incredible! The story of what happens after a master thief achieves his last big score, when the FBI agent who promised he'd capture him is about to do just that.

Bryan C (de) wrote: Amazing movie. My only (selfish) complaint is that I wish it was in English. Grade: A+

Louay J (it) wrote: Absolutely outstanding. I wouldn't even hesitate to call it a monumental achievement given how tough and challenging it was to make this movie. If you don't believe me then watch the 'making of' in the special features section. This is a slice of life of a forgotten people, chockfull of intricate details about human tragedy and triumph of the human spirit in the midst of adversity. Highly original in subject and content, it will leave you with a healthy dose of compassion and understanding about people and cultures that are alien to us, something much needed in our ever-increasing polarized world.

Anthony M (mx) wrote: Petit court mtrage disponible sur le dvd de The Ring 2 (version US), bien meilleur que le film et inquitant comme il le faut.

Cora F (ca) wrote: Very well done period piece with surprising twists & turns, drama & superb acting. Both men & women will enjoy it.

David S (au) wrote: Starts out slow, and the unsympathetic protagonist makes it hard going at first. But the film starts gaining more humor and more relevance as it moves toward an excellent last 40 minutes that turn every one of Giannini's vices that he enjoyed as a small-time hood against him.

Anthony V (fr) wrote: Another solid Sherlock Holmes outing.

Larence P (au) wrote: This is an example of an interesting, eye opening, dramatic thriller about the 2008 housing crisis in America. An honest man loses his home, wants it back, and works for the man who evicted him from his home, so he can get his home back. What would you do to get your home back? Would you throw away your undivided morals to get your home back by any means neccessary?.....This film nails it right on the head, as it not only showcases the evils of what goes on in everyday life, but the cost of it as well.

dylan v (de) wrote: Excellent drive-in movie, maybe the best. The movie is just stylishly clever and inspired many copy cats due to its box-office success as a low-budget drive-in film and even had the hammer films bring back Dracula... again. The movie is pretty honest and the performances are good, especially by our two stars Robert Quarry and Roger Perry.