Eko Eko Azarak: Misa the Dark Angel

Eko Eko Azarak: Misa the Dark Angel

Misa Kuroi is a good witch, but wherever she goes, evil follows. When a dying girl appears out of nowhere shouting Misa's name, our heroine goes to work. Following the clues, Misa transfers to the prestigious Saint Salem School for Girls and joins the Drama Club. Soon all the girls depart for a mysterious Drama Camp, deep in the woods.

Misa Kuroi is a good witch, but wherever she goes, evil follows. When a dying girl appears out of nowhere shouting Misa's name, our heroine goes to work. Following the clues, Misa transfers to the prestigious Saint Salem School for Girls and joins the Drama Club. Soon all the girls depart for a mysterious Drama Camp, deep in the woods. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Dinae H (nl) wrote: Many people don't "get" this amazing movie. Do you laugh uncontrollably in movies at theaters when only one other person is laughing, and you're like, "who is that person way over there, laughing?" It's me and I want you to watch this movie. A lot of people focus on the stupid potty mouth humor that is barely a plot device for the legit sardonic, dark comedy that this is.

Hawk (au) wrote: This movie reminds me a lot of Skyline in that it's primarely concerned with visual effects over actual story. The movie tells about an alien invasion by invisible beings who are electromagnetic in nature. That sounds good and some of the ideas of how the monsters here are unique to more traditional aliens are interesting but it never really goes far enough and the ideas come across as half baked. I also got the impression that the story and characters were put in as an afterthought, as the scenes where our protagonists aren't fighting energy monsters come across as extremely boring. I just never got a sense of any of these characters hopes and fears. It's a movie I'm glad I saw but it's one that I can't recommend.

John S (au) wrote: Watchable. Few good scary moments, some good acting and not so bad story, although the idea was a way better then realistion.

Luna W (fr) wrote: Watched with English subtitles. "I have nostalgia for things that haven?t happened yet?then I get sad because they may never happen.? ?Love is to pick me up after work.? ?We exist because there are people thinking of us, not because we are here.? Terrific Actress: Candela Pea

Pete M (au) wrote: If you're looking for a soft porn sci-fi with a monkey rap... Well then.

Gordon R (br) wrote: Jason Lee makes a promise to his niece that he'll pay for her college and decides stealing is the only way he can afford it. This comedy fails most of the time but since Tom Green doesn't rely on gross out humor, it's worth watching.

angel m (br) wrote: Awwww This Made me CRY Sooo Hard The song she sings to her baby before he bashes her head in.. I Was Shaking.. It Just touched my soul !! War Is EVIL And To Be A Soldier To See kids die and choose Which Ones to save would be horrific.. And this is going on right now :( The part that rilly gets me is the old woman in the bed and the mean guy cuts her finger off to get her wedding ring and she is screaming in pain and she hid her grandchild in the closet and the place got Bombed The mass killing in the lake took my breath out of my chest Just Stunned me Sooo Sad And the end oooo lord Dennis Quaid Is the man for this part He is an excellent actor on soo many levels.. ..

John B (mx) wrote: Benefits from the fact that this is Spike Lee's debut and doesn't feature the preachiness that brings down his later efforts.

danny d (es) wrote: an expertly crafted film. the direction and acting were flawless, and the music was obviously exceptional. my real criticism of the film lies in the choices made in the writing. it seems the film was dominated by parkers personal life rather than his music, and more balance was probably appropriate, and even with the focus as presented there were a few major pieces of parkers life not included in the film that really should have been. overall, an incomplete look at bird despite the films lengthy running time, but what we were given was made with precision and the film was a joy to watch.

Stuart K (it) wrote: Directed by the acclaimed Joseph Losey, unfairly blacklisted in the 1950's, he made his name in the UK with The Servant (1963), Accident (1967) and The Go-Between (1970), he made this creepy science fiction film for Hammer Films, who at the time, wanted to branch out into more than Horror films, the film was culturally relevent for it's times, and it still is to this day. Set in Weymouth, it has American scientist Simon Wells (Macdonald Carey) being attacked by the nasty King (Oliver Reed) and his gang, after he is seen courting with King's sister Joanie (Shirley Anne Field), but Simon and Joanie manage to escape from King's clutches on a boat trip, even though King, very over protective of his sister, follows them. They hide out in the house of sculptress Freya Neilson (Viveca Lindfors), but when King and his gang catch up with them, Simon and Joanie escape into a military base, and down a cliff into a cave which takes them into an underground bunker, which has 9 children, all aged about 11 years old. Their only contact with the outside world is by TV with Bernard (Alexander Knox), who knows the truth about the children, and why they're down there. It starts off as one film, kinda like a French New Wave film with a Teddy Boy Gang, then half way through, it becomes something else entirely. It's a scary look at what was at the time, a scary possibility. If anything, this proves that Hammer didn't need to make horror films to scare it's audiences.

Carl M (ca) wrote: A rich southern belle that is obsessed with the occult falls under the influence of the mysterious Count Alucard after visiting Budapest. Returning home, the two are quickly married and take over the family estate, but it would seem that Katherine has her own secret agenda for the Count! Eerie and atmospheric, SON OF DRACULA succeeds most with its incredible special effects, which take a huge leap forward from the previous films in the series. Here, Dracula transforms into a bat and a cloud of mist right before our very eyes! The fog-laden swamps of the Louisiana bayou also serve as a fine change of locale from London, giving the vampire reign over a brand new land. Director Robert Siodmak does a fine job here, with early elements of the Film Noir style seeping into the shadowy crime drama found in brother Curt's script. Lon Chaney Jr.'s performance as Dracula is as lifeless as the character he portrays. He does not capture the sophisticated aristocrat, but rather an oafish brute. Louise Allbritton, on the other hand, is a much more compelling lead, both a stark beauty and a manipulative con. SON OF DRACULA is a fitting sequel to Lugosi's original that is sure to impress fans of the classics!-Carl ManesI Like Horror Movies

Michael W (ru) wrote: Family rejects $1.5 mil to set up home in an abandoned chuch in the Ozarks with stolen Incan treasure. No potential buyers for the treasure appear to be in their new neighbourhood. Big minus for apparant lack of animal welfare in this cheapie.

Daniel S (kr) wrote: Very entertaining and original.

Don S (jp) wrote: This is a cute movie, and as an Italian-American, I did relate to so much of it! But, I'm only giving it 3 stars because I don't believe that cheating on your spouse/fianc/whatever is very romantic. I'm sorry, I just don't. I look at the categories that this movie is in, and I just don't get it. But that's just me. A good movie to watch, and great use of the moon!

WS W (it) wrote: OK but kinda hollow.